Jadakiss – Overated? Or Am I Just Hating


For some reason I’m just not feeling Jadakiss like the rest of the world. When he was making his mixtape rounds before the Bad Boy signing I was feeling him. Honestly, I liked Money Power Respect. On We Are The Streets and Ryde Or Die Vol. 1 – 3, the guy was a monster.

But what’s up with them solo albums?

Not only was his second album, Kiss Of Death, weak, but it has the same guest appearances as the first album which was also weak. Why would you bring on the same cast of characters who failed you the last time?

But my real question is who is Jadakiss? I mean, 2 group albums and 2 solo albums deep and we don’t really know too much about him. IMO he’s shown no growth as an artist and personally there is nothing exciting about him.

If Jada put his ear to the concrete, he’d hear that his mixtape, The Champ Is Here, was better than his albums. Hopefully, Jada will figure out the formula or else he can kiss his career goodbye. Pun intended.

Jadakiss = SOHH SOHH