“If You Ever Want To Hear Some New Sh*t Out Here, Go To The Strip Clubs”

New Orleans, Louisiana’s 3D Na’Tee

If there’s one person you gotta know about in New Orleans, it’s 3D Na’Tee. She’s a staple out here. If she’s not overseas right now, she just got back.


You gotta keep up with her. All I got on my mind Na’Tee. She came up with all of the Uptown New Orleans heavies. She came up with the Cash Money and some of those guys were like her neighbors.

I always heard about her and she would always be doing pretty big shows. The shows she did were always sponsored like through Red Bull and other companies. She never had to get her credibility up because it was never in question.

We all knew who she was and knew where she came from and she made a big impact. She really started making a big impact when she started doing YouTube music videos. That’s when I really started noticing her. I’m going to keep it 100, I don’t pay too much attention to you until you pay attention to yourself.

She’s the coldest and she can rap her a** off. You can check her out, she made it onto “Sway In The Morning” and you can check out her mixtapes. I’m going to go ahead and vouch for her and say she’s the next Queen B. No disrespect to the other women. She’s cold. She’s right from Uptown New Orleans. That’s homegrown. She’s from New Orleans.

She’s got a song that I really like. She did a song about Zimmerman but shes’ got a lot of songs I really like and I’ve put onto my mixtapes. She’s vicious beast. Don’t just look at the skirt, she’s a werewolf.

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  • DC

    Man I want her.

  • regal84

    I would smash…