I-MEGO THRONE – “The One-Button Control Allow You To Take Calls Or Control The Music”

Are you ready to add some style to your headphones game? Tired of rocking the same ordinary earbuds everyday? Enhance your look by getting your hands on a pair of I-MEGO THRONE headphones. Today, check out the top five reasons these are a must-have.

1. You Like My Style


Adds style to your listening experience. Face it, the headphones game is getting saturated with a lot of similar looking pairs. It’s time to stand out and make people take notice. What better reason to get your hands on these?

2. Make Me Feel Good


Comfortable memory foam earpads provide optimal comfort. If you want to be technical, this means the foam being used is a “poyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature.” Yeah, your ears are sensitive so it’s a no-brainer you want them to feel good. These headphones mold to your ears and provide the comfort you need.

3. Push It


Integrated one-button control allows convenient navigation through music. The one-button music control with microphone allows you to take calls or control the music. So whether you’re chopping it up with friends or getting into the zone, it just takes on push.

4. Best Buy


Affordable headphones with rich sound. It’s no secret, headphones are not as cheap as they used to be but neither are organic foods and we all know you have to pay a little extra to enjoy more. The main thing to remember is at around $129, you’re getting your hands on premium headphones that knock the competition down.

5. Awesomeness


They’re awesome! The headphoens scream attention and will catch anyone’s eyes. Want to impress classmates or fellow students around campus? You’re covered. Traveling a lot and want comfort? You’re covered. Want to stunt in 2014? Covered!


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