Hodgy Beats – Untitled EP 2


Hodgy Beats makes up one half of the Odd Future camp duo MelloHype and has released his solo follow up to the previously well received “Untitled EP” – “Untitled EP 2″. The Wolf Gang emcee gives listeners a small bundle of alternative sounds, introspective lyrics and some interesting themes. The trend of the shorter free music projects continue with this seven track offering.

Here are the SOHH 5 Reasons to download “Untitled EP 2″.


Hodgy Beats is one of the original OFWGKTA members. He was born in Jersey and later raised in Pasadena, California. Hodgy and Left Brain are known as the duo MellowHype within the Odd Future camp. Back in 2011 when OF was first experiencing their breakout success, Hodgy spoke to AUX Television during the SXSW music festival. “Everyone knows their lane, everyone knows what part to play. It’s f*ckin’ beautiful, it’s like a f*ckin’ dream come true. When asked if he was surprised about his groups huge buzz they garnered up to that point he said, “We work hard to be where we at and we f*ckin’ deserve this sh*t. I feel that.”

2. Experimental Sounds

If you like Hip Hop that is fused with different styles of music look no further than to this EP. Hodgy and Odd Future in general have never been afraid to experiment with different sounds. The song “Goodbye”, features Lee Spielman of Trash Talk, which is a hardcore punk band signed to Odd Future Records. It is mix of bars and guitars that puts a spin on what is traditionally heard on rap outlets now. Other interesting joints in term of production include the cosmic space sounding “Years”. Hodgy is able to adapt to various styles in what is his most cohesively pieced together solo project yet.


3. The Good Grustle

Hodgy Beats is one hard working cat. As a member of MellowHype, the duo dropped three albums thus far – “YelloWhite”, “BlackenedWhite” and “Numbers” which dropped last year. As a solo artist, Hodgy has dropped three projects as well, “Untitled EP”, “The Dena Tape” and this latest release “Untitled EP 2″. Recently Hodgy and Left Brain linked with OF member Domo Genesis to form a new trio within the OF collective known as MellowHigh. Add the label deal with Sony Red Distribution along with endorsements and tours, Hodgy is a good place to have many ears and eyes on his latest product.

4. No Copy Cats

Known as one of the best lyricists in his camp, Hodgy Beats maintains his originality at all times. On a Ruby Hornet and Soundscape Studios presentation “Closed Sessions” video clip, Hodgy explains his need to keep his style distinct and different. “The goal is really like, not to copy anybody or imitate or sound like – it’s more like trying to find my own sound and my own way.” “Untitled EP 2″ has songs that give fans a deeper look into Hodgy’s thoughts. Check out the bars on the personal cut “Alone”.

“I’m never alone. It’s me, myself, and my son/
I’m up before the sun for my son that’s my number one priority/
Majority of people are minority underhanded, I understand it/
Being taken advantage of ain’t the best feeling is it? Nah/
The actions are found through anger, named it concealed imprisonment/
I’m trying to implement the simple shit/
not hoping for episodes of incidents/
Which is prevalent without a settlement/
I’m heaven sent, hell bound, fresher than luxury with lemon scent” – Hodgy Beats “Alone”

5. Features

Hodgy Beats holds his own on this new project and keeps the features to a minimum. He links with his partner Left Brain on the catchy get right cut “Karateman”. The previous mentioned punk-rap mash-up “Goodbye” features vocalist Lee Spielman. Production credits are not listed and there is no guest deejay, being this is an EP release.



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