HalfBreed Clothing Co.

HalfBreed - 1

Made with pride and a positive message in mind, HalfBreed Clothing Co. founder and CEO, Rudy Tee, wanted a dope clothing line that encouraged people to be themselves. The brand operates with the motto, “I Am, My Brand…RepYoSelf,” which tells they define the clothing line, not the other way around. Want to know why you need to cop some of the latest products from HalfBreed Clothing Co.? Check out Rudy’s top five must-have reasons to purchase his brand.

1. Rep Yo Self

Readers should purchase HalfBreed to represent themselves. This brand is not about me. It’s not about celebrities, athletes, or a sports lifestyle/subculture. HalfBreed is about who you are since birth. “I Am, My Brand…RepYoSelf.”
Reason 2: Pride

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