Game Over: My Love For Hip-Hop

Game Over - 1
Everybody has a tell-all book these days, but have you ever wondered what’s the true story? Well, Love & Hip-Hop: New York star Winter Ramos has been working on her own behind-the-hip-hop-scenes book since 2010, and it’s coming to the hands of millions Monday (April 1). From her run in with The Game to her life on the set of entertainment’s most talked about culture, Winter is bring the truth straight to your home. Ready to know what’s really going on in hip-hop? Check out Winter Ramos’ top five reasons to buy her book, Game Over: My Love For Hip-Hop.

1. All The Dirt

It’s super juicy and it will keep your suspense going. If you’re super nosey this is something that you would want to read because you want to know everybody’s business.
Reason 2: A Biography NOT A Tell All

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  • Lakermvp24

    another kiss and tell book….smh

  • Lil blood

    All abou the mula
    Sad wii