Freddie Gibbs – ESGN


Fans have been hearing pieces of Freddie Gibbs new project since March of this year. His thugged out presentations bring a balance to what is currently popular on the mainstream landscape. The anticipation has been building as the twenty track offering has an official release date of July 9th, 2013. Fans want to see what Gibbs has in store for his first official project since leaving the Young Jeezy helmed CTE Records. Revered for his sharp versatile flow and street wisdom offerings, Freddie Gibbs is a connoisseur of Gangsta Rap as we know it in this generation.

Here are the 5 Reasons to cop “ESGN (Evil Seeds Grow Naturally)”

1. Evil Seeds Grow Naturally

Gary Indiana, home of the iconic Michael Jackson hasn’t been quite the same since the Jackson 5 grew up there. Crime, poverty and unemployment have been rampant in the city for some time now. Reppin’ for the eastside of Gary, Freddie Gibbs is one of those artists that translates the pain and struggle of his hood with honesty and conviction. Gibbs raps take it back to an era where gaining radio play wasn’t first priority on the list when it came to putting out their music. This project gives listeners an inside view of the turmoil and everyday happenings around the way.


2. On My Own

Freddie Gibbs has always rocked to his own beat throughout his time in the industry and since 2009 his projects have gathered nothing but critical acclaim. After going through situations with Interscope Records early in his career, getting dropped and not being able to release his debut LP, Gibbs linked up with the big name and world renowned DJ Skee putting out “Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik” which was received as one of the years best drops. Gibbs continued with relentless consistently dropping a ‘Best Of’ once again with Skee with “The Labels Tryin To Kill Me!”. “Str8 Killa No Filla” hosted by DJ Burn One popped in 2010 only increasing the emcees buzz leading to labels re taking notice of Gibbs. He eventually linked with CTE Records for a few years and his mixtapes “Cold Day In Hell” and the DJ Drama hosted “BFK” solidified him as one of the best on the underground circuit. His work with producers such as Statik Selektah and Madlib only increased his profile.


3. Eastside Moonwalk

The moonwalk is synonymous with the King Of Pop, and Freddie Gibbs is serious about contiuing the legacy of legendary music coming from his town. Gibbs has recorded his own version of the continuation named after the classic foot glide. He told “Michael Jackson is dead, so I gotta pick up the torch and run with it for my city. Actually, I am the only person grabbing it. I am just doing what I got to do. I’m the Eastside Moonwalker. I stay high, baby.” This track is produced by GMF and is definitely a standout on “ESGN”.

4. Gangsta Gibbs

Never one to mince his words, Gibbs has been very vocal concerning his thoughts with the industry in general as well as his feelings towards his former C.E.O. Young Jeezy. Now independent and focused on pushing his product on his own, Gibbs is looking forward to being productive in a market where indie artists can truly thrive. In a recent interview with GSkee a few weeks back, Gibbs spoke briefly on the tension he has faced within the rap game stating, “I am a man, and I got the right to speak my opinion on whatever I want to speak on. If you feel a way about it – holla at me. I don’t run with no big group of people – maybe a couple of guys from my neighborhood.” He continues dismissing any concern about industry problems. “I ain’t worried about none of these rapper dudes. I’m from Gary, I done seen the worst of the worst. The industry stuff don’t phase me at all. People just get offended when I speak how I feel.”

5. Features

“F.A.M.E” features west coast vets Daz and Spice-1 on a vintage G-Funk sounding track. “Certified Live” shows some more Cali love featuring TDE’s Jay Rock. Compton rapper Problem throws down on “One Eighty Seven”. Lil’ Sodi completes the Sunshine State connection with an appearance on “Seen A Man Die”. Gibbs also gives artists from his hometown time to shine. New names like G-Wiz, G.I. Fleezy, Hit Skrewface and D-Edge all contribute throughout “ESGN”.


  • Don

    I heard the stream of this on djbooth last week and this album is FIRE,
    Lay It Down, F.A.M.E, and I Seen A Man Die all go dumb hard.

  • Eli Pinilla

    This is my shit!!

  • pwid presents

    Bought mine yesterday

  • YeaMyNig

    Yea buddy

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Bytch nigga
    Just saying

  • Bubblegum Bobby

    shit goes hard.
    nice to see spice-1

    got to kick it with ESGN when Gibbs fell through and fired up some loud,

  • U.P.T.nw4eva

    He should have stayed with Jeezy, made a bigger buzz then leave. Jeezy name holds weight in the streets. But Gibbs is a solid rapper and I fucks with his music. He reaches out to everyone for features. That song off his last mixtape with Dom Kennedy is str8 fire! He can only get better!

  • Bubblegum Bobby

    where can i get the actual cd?