Fiesta Roses – Ultimate SweetHeart Roses Bouquet

Fiesta Roses - 1

There’s no way to say, “I love you” without giving a timeless bouquet of unforgettable roses. Around this time of year, flowers can cost you nearly three times as much as their normal price, but as usual, SOHH’s got you covered. We’ve teamed up with Fiesta Roses to give you a chance to win the ultimate SweetHeart Roses bouquet; and if you don’t get to take home the roses on us, we’ve got a great discount to offer you! Wanna know why you should shop Fiesta Roses this V-Day, and no place else? Check out Alexandra Crissy’s top five reasons to purchase these luminous floral arrangements.

1.Timeless Love

“The rose is the heart of the world,” wrote Tennessee Williams, and the rose has always been the perfect symbol of passionate love. Because Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated in mid-winter, giving roses was the doubly special symbol of undying love!
Reason 2: Make Love Vibrant

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