Ferris New York

Ferris NY - 1
New York may be the home of hip-hop, but it’s also home to the most extravagant and fashion-forward clothing brands. Born in the heart of Brooklyn, brand owner Andrew (one name like Prince) took to the streets of BK to start Ferris New York in 2011, now the customized lifestyle brand is popping up everywhere your eyes can see. So if you need a reason to fill your closet with something unique, check out Andrew’s top five reasons to buy Ferris New York!

1. Made In The USA

Ferris NY is unique because of the custom aspect of the brand. In the beginning, it is hard for any brand to do cut-n-sew, so when you can do the cut-n-sew yourself you’ve got an edge on everyone else. We also do all manufacturing in the U.S.A.
Reason 2: Pushing The Envelope

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