Fabolous Still Stomaching Kendrick Lamar Diss, Young Dro’s Comeback On Deck, Madden 25 Is Here

Toasty Tuesday. It’s a day to toast to new things so why not start it off with Fabolous contemplating his feelings about Kendrick Lamar? One thing’s for certain and it’s that Young Dro is ready to make his full-fledged music comeback with some help from big friends. Something that’s sort of a big deal is the new Madden 25 game and the trailers are must-watch stuff. All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Can’t Stomach It

If there’s one rapper who could be considered the Prince of New York, it’s gotta be Fabolous. He’s been in the game for a minute and balanced out lovey records with hardcore hip-hop tunes. So for him to be a bit confused about Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” lyrics and notably the “King of New York” line is pretty reasonable. VLAD TV has him breaking down his thoughts:

“You know I had mixed feelings. At first I thought it was—something that he shouldn’t have said. You have to address it, but after speaking to some of the OG’s and getting some research behind it and figuring it out, I had more of an understanding of it. On the surface, everybody just was in shock…The king of New York was a little shaky, but like I said I got a little research behind it. I heard it was Kurupt’s line before his…I almost jumped the gun. I’m not gon’ lie. I kinda felt it out. An OG also told me that if you do, do it on your time when it works for you. Sometimes I feel like it turns into an attention thing. Like ‘Alright, this is the big talk of Hip Hop right now. Let me jump on it.’ You know what I’m saying? So, it got a little tainted to me. So, that was also a reason in my decision. And it was a few things that slowed me down.” (VLAD TV)

Can you respect Fabolous stance? It would have been great to hear him spit some bars back at Kendrick but the more you think about it, it seems very much like an attention thing. When you have so many no-name rappers dropping disses, Fab joining in could have hurt his image, no? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Dro’d Up

Is Young Dro really back? You would imagine so with the relase of a new “FDB” remix that has pretty much ever relevant artist in the game right now including T.I., French Montana and even Trinidad James. Miss Info TV is on it:

Young Dro carries on the momentum with his current “FDB” single by upping the ante with an official remix. The Polo King sticks to his Grand Hustle set as DJ Drama and T.I. make appearances along with fellow ATLien Trinidad Jame$. Dro reaches out to New York for some east coast love as French Montana adds a verse to his bouncy street cut. Purchase on iTunes now.

Is this a sign of more bigger things to go down for Dro? It’s been forever since he last had his album drop and there’s not been enough music from him to really suffice. This could be his last shot at winning fans over or is it too late? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. It’s Here

The game of all games is here. Don’t get it wrong, NBA 2K is an excellent title but the competition Madden brings out of people is pretty unprecedented. Prepare to see non-stop promotion and trailers for this new title. Free OnSmash has a pretty funny clip:

In a few hours when your clock strikes midnight, Madden NFL 25 will be releasing at retailers. Looking at the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are two of the league’s top teams and are the favorites by many to meet in the NFC Championship game.

The two starting quarterbacks for San Fran and Seattle, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson have a long-standing rivalry even before the NFL. In the latest trailer for Madden, we see where it all began from playing Madden during their adolescent years transcending into future stars of the league as adults. You can check after the jump to watch the trailer and get your body ready for the gridiron in a few hours. (Free OnSmash)

Could this really go down as the best Madden game of all-time? 25 years of Madden all bottled into one title? Have you picked up your copy yet? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

Are you ready for some football? Is this your time to shine? Check out today’s Madden 25 exclusive feature and get your hands on the must-have game of the summer!

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    Ain’t no one lookin to Fab to be the next king of NY, shit I’d rather it anyone but

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      I aint big on ny rappers bt name sumone better then fab besides jay n nas

      • Cas Fernando Escobaño

        50, Jay Z , and Nas easy. Fab and Banks are princes (although Fab is the crown prince), ASAP Rocky is the squire, and French is the court jester lol.

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    Dro shit GO!!!

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