French Montanta – Excuse My French

French Montana - 1

From “Pop That” to “Freaks,” French Montana has released a number of No. 1 radio hits over the past few months, and people can’t help but bump ’em all. And now, after what seems like forever in the making, the New York-bred MC is giving the people what they want: his debut album. So if you in case you forgot the date, mark your calendars because French Montana’s Excuse My French is hitting shelves tomorrow (May 21). If you need a reminder as to why you should make sure this LP is on the books, check out the top five reasons to purchase Excuse My French from the bad boy himself.

Top 5 Reasons

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  • DataOrginata

    Just like most new rappers, his choruses and lyrics are like nursery rhymes over the fastest beats a computer can generate. Garbageeeeeee….

    • Paul Blake

      That pretty much sums up 90% of 21st Century Hip Hop

  • Sydney Star

    fuck alf gang ..I’m coming hard on ya ass

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    I fuck with his music so I might as well buy it
    Just saying

  • Jijuane Bailey

    this album is bird s…. get yo money french

  • Jijuane Bailey

    at least he was honest to himself.. he was high as shyt whn he made tht shyt … I’m glad he dgaf cuz I sure dont

  • speedy37

    Nobody buying this garbage album

  • Brandon Pitts

    I’m a French fan but this album is about to flop soooooooo motherfuckin hard its not even funny….

  • Jose Maria

    Nigga u aint the best to come out in 10 years. Sure ur hot at times but max b carried ur ass on songs n in my opinion ASAP is whats poppin. Trust me nigga i skipped mad verses of urs on max bs mixtapes.

  • Alex

    fail of the decade

  • Kick Rox

    This nigga delusional still. You can’t give shit away that don’t nobody want.