Etón Rugged Rukus Bluetooth Stereo: “You Want To Keep Some Cash In Your Pocket & We Don’t Want You To Break The Bank”

Are you tired of plugging in stereos when you leave the crib? Want something lightweight and portable to sneak into your campus’ library or j-o-b? There’s no better alternative than the solar-powered, Bluetooth-ready, smartphone-charging Etón Rugged Rukus speaker! Today, the Etón Team gives their top five reasons SOHH readers need this dope gadget ASAP!

1. Run That Beat Back


You want to drop that beat wherever you go. The Rugged rukus is lightweight and small in size – only six inches in length – without sacrificing quality sound. With killer carabineer holes, it’s totally portable.

Reason 2: No Blowin’ Money Fast

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