Etón Boost 8400 & 4200 Chargers

The winter holidays are officially here and SOHH/GetFrush are saving you time by dishing out the top presents you gotta get your hands on. From must-have gadgets, audio swag, new music, fresh gear and more, we have you covered! Today, peep the top five reasons you need to hook everyone you know up with the Etón Boost 8400 and Boost 4200 chargers.

1. We’ve All Been There

You’re out and about, listening to your favorite song or chatting with a friend on your smartphone, or checking email and watching a movie on your tablet, when you suddenly see the dreaded “low battery signal.” When the Boost 4200 is all charged up, it can charge most smartphones twice; in addition it has the ability to charge tablets. And don’t forget about the Boost 8400: it packs enough power to charge most smartphones three times and can even charge tablets—so every device gets the power it needs—anytime, anywhere.

2. Style Is Everything
If you’re lugging around a bulky extra battery pack for your phone, you might as well be flaunting one of those ancient, brick-like cell phones to go with it. Instead, grab the Boost 8400 or 4200 – they’re sleek, elegant, and they easily slide right into your pocket or bag. They’re lightweight and slim, and still pack a powerful punch of power.

3. Give It A Shake
Monitor your Boost’s charge status by giving it a quick little shake. With the LED lights displaying how much juice you have left, the Boost 8400 and 4200 are easy to use and reliable–so you’ll never be without power when you need it.

4. You Use More Than A Smartphone
The USB ports on each battery pack are 5V=2.1A rated and will hook up with almost any smartphone or portable device with a USB charging cable. They’ll make sure you have power for your tablet and on-the-go gaming device too – the Boost doesn’t discriminate.

5. We’re A Generation Of Instant Users
We want everything now, fast and efficient. Keep up the pace with the Boost 8400, and multitask with its two standard 5V=2.1A USB ports pushing charge to two devices simultaneously—with a combined output current of 2.1A.


Here’s what you gotta do:

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3. Go to our wall and tell us why you deserve to GetFrush with Etón’s charger. (Hint: We like when you include details from the feature)
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Winners should allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.