EnvyDerm High Performance Cosmetics

EnvyDerm - 1

This Valentine’s Day no girl wants to walk out the house without looking like she sat down with a professional make-up artist, so why not make sure she’s set this February 14? As SOHH brings you day two of our V-Day Rescue Guide, we’re giving you the chance to win top-notch cosmetics by EnvyDerm for your girl this lover’s day. Need a push to make sure your boo looks right, check out EnvyDerm’s top 5 reasons to buy their couture cosmetics line.

1. Sexy & Voluptuous

EnvyDerm is a must-have brand this Valentine’s Day because voluptuous lips and a sexy pout will make any man’s heart melt and take his breath away! You’ll be giving your girl the gift of confidence to show off her pout with fuller, healthier lips!
Reason 2: Natural Ingredients That Naturally Beautify

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