Eminem’s Threat Too Messy To Handle, Rap Classic Under Scrutiny, The Gay Rapper Finally Revealed?

Finally Friday! It’s finally here, the day we’ve all been waiting for, so why not get things started with Eminem sending out nasty threats? Speaking of threats, it looks like one of hip-hop’s most classic 90’s records is under fire? It’s been a minute since the gay rapper dispute took over hip-hop but are we finally going to have one that’s open about his sexuality? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Nasty Boy

How nasty can Eminem be? With all of the success and money he’s been able to make, you would think there’s no reason for him to show any manners or even worry about bad press and that appeared to be the case during a recent appearance on BBC Radio 1. Em did the unthinkable or at least said he would? Complex is on it:

UPDATE: The trailer has been removed by BBC. Stayed tuned for further information. Eminem has sat down for an interview with Zane Lowe which will be airing starting next Monday. In the brief trailer that has emerged today, Eminem is shown sitting down with Lowe after they greet each other. From there, Em talks about needing to make a bigger statement than Kanye West did in his interview with Lowe. He said that his plan was to pee on the floor during the interview and then leave. That would certainly leave a mark. (Complex)

Could Eminem have really done the nasty on television? Is there any way this can be true or did the BBC just want to build the hype up even more? This should be pretty big once it’s live next week. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Jumping Around

Could one of the best songs from the 90’s be getting jacked to help promote a company? That might be the case in “Jump Around” and Everlast is not having it. He might not have new music out but he’s got a new case to make. New York Post has the details:

Rapper Everlast is hopping mad. The frontman of ’90s hip-hop group House of Pain claims that a Long Island inflatable playpen firm stole its catchy name from his band’s massive 1992 hit “Jump Around,” according to a federal lawsuit. Rapper turned bluesman Erik “Everlast” Schrody is attempting to block the Wantagh-based Jump Around Rentals from trademarking their name and slogan, “If You Want To Get Down Jump Around,” papers show. The slogan is a line from the song, which is still a staple of bars and sports venues. Schrody’s attorneys call the company’s use of the “Jump Around” phraseology an “egregious violation” and assert that he “takes his intellectual property rights seriously,” according to court papers. The rapper is demanding that they stop using the phrase and provide evidence of how much money they’ve made while using it, papers state. The Long Island firm, in operation since 2010, blasted back at Schrody’s threats of legal action. Jump Around Rentals claims the firm has invested significantly in the name without any negative impact on Schrody. (New York Post)

Could this turn into a nasty legal battle? As much as we all love “Jump Around,” could this be going too far? Jump Around Rentals? Is that catchphrase really going to stand out in people’s heads when they’re trying to get something for their kids? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. The Chozen One

Do we finally have the gay rapper the hip-hop world has wanted to know about? Not quite but it could be a very big start with FXX deciding to put together a cartoon based on a gay, white rapper that’s done time behind bars? Towle Road is on it:

FX is looking to grab some laughs while breaking down stereotypes of what it means to be a gay character on television with its new animated comedy Chozen about a gay, white rapper fresh out of prison. “Armed with a new message and a new world view shaped by his time in prison, Chozen is on a quest for redemption and to claim his rightful position as the world’s top rap artist. His music and lyrics take aim at the stereotypes of machismo and misogyny that are synonymous with rap music.” The show premieres January 13th on the newly-launched FXX channel and features the voices of Bobby Moynihan, Hannibal Buress, Michael Pena, Nick Swardson, Kathryn Hahn, and Method Man. (Towle Road)

With Method Man down for the cause, the show should be pretty good. The whole “gay” title stands out the most but there’s been plenty of on-screen gay characters that have won. Anyone remember Tropic Thunder? We’ll see if this has the potential to take off and ease off the anti-gay stance some people have. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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    Is any1 surprised by Wut ppl will do for attention or fame? Y’all need better stories.
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