El-P + Killer Mike – Run The Jewels


Atlanta, GA and Brooklyn, NY are in two different places and style wise are of their own distinction. When these two entities collide via Killer Mike and El-P wonderful music occurs. As evident from the response from previous work from the two – “Run The Jewels” is unapologetic, funky and hard hitting. Experimental sounds and ferocious rhymes combine to create a brand new release coming from Fools Gold Records.

Here are the SOHH.com 5 Reasons to buy “Run The Jewels”.

1. Winning Combination

R.A.P. Music (Rebellious African People) last years collaborative effort between Brooklyn, NY based producer/emcee El-P and Atlanta artist Killer Mike was one of the top Hip Hop releases of last year. It received critical acclaim across the board from outlets such as Metacritic, Allmusic, Pitchfork Media and SPIN. The undoubtable chemistry between the two is more than evident here as the two have put together another solid effort that has the captured the ears of the music world.


2. Free Project

“Run The Jewels” is being released via Fools Gold Records, a viable indie label that really did a great job in promoting and marketing this record. The album is free of charge, all you have to is enter your email address and it will be sent to you. For true Hip Hop heads it certainly alleviates the guilt of illegal downloading especially for a project of this caliber. They also have vinyl, cd’s and other cool merchandise such as t-shirts – and yes even a herb grinder for those interested.


3. Ill Production

El-P has been a production master since his days on Rawkus Records in the late 1990’s. His work on this project is phenomenal as he experiments with different sounds that create a fantastic result. “No Come Down” is a vicious record with multiple breakdowns. Everything on this project sounds organic. No copies or borrowing from anyone’s blueprint. “DDFH” is a dark record with drums that knock and what sounds like a guitar riffing in the cut. El-P puts his foot in these beats without a doubt. Little Shalimar and Wilder Zoby are also credited for some co-production.

8-4-10 LOWEND-ELP02

4. Whats The Word?

Killer Mike is known for his political insightful charged verbals. El-P is known for his aggressive wordplay. The great thing about this project is they both shine feeding off each other. On the amazing cut “Banana Clipper” they spit sharp bars back and forth with conviction.

“I move with the elegance of an African elephant/
I presented the evidence/
Eloquent as a president/
Evident it’s with emphasis/
I deserve me a championship/
But before I banana clip/
I’mma chill so my man can rip” – Killer Mike

“Little man against Hellion/
With the heart of an orphan/
I got the words of a murderer/
And an eye for distortion/
You take a slice of my portion/
I’ll take a piece of your profit/
I drive at illegal speeds/
Keep an oz in my pocket” – El-P

5. Features

Big Boi represents with a stellar verse on “Banana Clipper”, while Prince Paul (appearing as Chest Rockwell) checks in from NY and adds his vocals to “Twin Hype Back”. UK Singer and Songwriter Until The Ribbon Breaks is featured on “Job Well Done”.


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    this is a great album