Earl Sweatshirt – Earl 2: The Road To Doris

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Earl Sweatshirt is one of the most talented young emcees in the game right now. With his debut album “Doris” looking to drop next month, DJ Diggz and DJ Lust bring the listeners thirty one tracks of a variety of Earl solo joints and features. The OFWGKTA member is certainly one to look out for as he brings complex verses and outstanding wordplay back in full effect.

Here are the SOHH.com 5 Reasons to download “Earl 2: The Road To Doris”.

1. Rewind

The Earl Sweatshirt journey has been one interesting ride. In 2010 he dropped his acclaimed “Earl” mixtape an at the age of 16. His lyrical dexterity and controversial content caught the attention of thousands of rap fans and suddenly, Earl disappeared. Later it was found out his mother sent him to Samoa for school because he kept getting into trouble. The “Free Earl” campaign was launched and his supporters went wild with pleas to get Sweatshirt back to the U.S. and in the studio and on the road. Since his return in 2012, his buzz is at a fever pitch and fans can’t get enough of the Wolf Gang bar spitter.


2. Lines For Days

The lyrics may be offensive and the beats are sometimes strange, but there’s no doubt about it – Earl is a gifted wordsmith. This mixtape showcases a mix of some of Earl’s older and newer material including some previews off his upcoming LP. It’s Earl honesty and candid demeanor on the mic that has resonated with the listeners. He comes across as somebody real and comfortable with who he is. The mishaps and awkwardness that other rappers try to hide Earl uses those as a strength, breaking the cliche stereotypes that critics use when talking about rap artists. For example, the song “Chum” finds Earl diving into more personal content.

It’s probably been twelve years since my father left, left me fatherless
And I just used to say I hate him in dishonest jest
When honestly I miss this nigga, like when I was six
And every time I got the chance to say it I would swallow it
Sixteen, I’m hollow, intolerant, skipped shots
I storm that whole bottle, I’ll show you a role model
I’m drunk, pissy, pissing on somebody front lawn
Trying to figure out how and when the f*ck I missed moderate
Momma often was offering peace offerings
Think, wheeze cough, scoffing and he’s off again – Earl Sweatshirt

3. The Future

Earl is already being mentioned among cream of the crop lyricists for the new era which include artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole and Joey Bada$$. His unique style doesn’t seemed forced and Earl is a natural behind the mic. The game goes through different cycles and it seems like it’s coming back around to having a ill pen game and deeper subject matter. Earl doesn’t conform to today’s typical standards and his originality is something folks are responding to, mostly in a positive manner. He recently caught a lot of flak for his thoughts on the new Jay-Z album, but he bigged up Jigga as one of his favorite emcees in the past. Sticking to his beliefs and being unapologetic on his choices are qualities his real fans appreciate.


4. Doris

The date for Earl’s album to drop is August 20th. It will be released on Columbia Records and Tan Cressida which is Earl’s imprint. Earl expects to lose a few fans and gain a few new fans due to his progression and evolution as an artist. Finicky listeners will have their opinions on whether or not they like it, but Earl seems content on moving forward. The first single is already making the rounds and the video is out as well. “Hive” features two other talented California artists, Casey Veggies and Vince Staples. The song and video both have somber and gritty feel to it.

5. Features

This mixtape showcases the intertwining of different artists from all areas Earl has worked with. Of course the Odd Future family is here as well. Features include Action Bronson, Riff Raff, Tyler The Creator, Space Ghost Purp, Domo Genesis, RZA, Mellowhype, Pharrell and Hodgy Beats. DJ Diggz and DJ Lust are on the 1’s and 2’s adding another quality drop to their prolific catalog.


  • Bubblegum Bobby

    This shit sucks and it’s fucking gay.

  • Don

    Reason not to download this: A shitload of annoying dj drops on every single track

    • 4-12

      I said the same shit. They must still think its 2003

  • Richard Evans

    This is not even an official tape you idiots.

  • U.P.T.nw4eva

    Riff raff on it so it gotta be wack. First he disses Jay Z Album but he got a free mixtape and he is a nobody lol, foh!

    • FuckoffKiks

      Jay Z sucks ass.

  • Rg41982

    I don’t fuck with comedy rap.

  • 4-12

    He’s a nice artist.

  • Kiks

    I like that he dissed Jay Z’s album, but uses a similar logo for his own.

    • FuckoffKiks

      That’s an old hardcore logo…

    • ONMY88SHiT

      This is an unofficial mixtape so he didn’t ‘use’ that logo for ‘his own’.

  • chosenxeno

    Earl need to switch his flows up some. He’s got nice bars but he starts to sound the same because he never changes his flow up.