Drake To Muddy Waters


For Black History Month, SOHH’s testing out your knowledge with a little Six Degrees of Separation trivia, seeing if you can connect the dots to find out how a modern day famous Black entertainer connects back more than three decades into the past.

Can you guess how rap star Drake relates to the “Father of Modern Chicago Blues” Muddy Waters?

Who’s Next: Drake


    Drake fucked Lil Wayne to sign with YMCMB. Lil Wayne fucks Baby with his kissin on the lips ass. Baby listens to Muddy Waters when he cries himself to sleep for selling his soul. Only 3 degrees of separation here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hooded.cracker Hooded Cracker

    How about Six Degrees of Slavery!!! The only thing that connects these two is that fact that they are NIGGERS… *Looks at Drake*… I THINK!!!

    • Weedras

      you and the two that liked the shit you said are examples of people who are here on earth wasting oxygen… piece of shit..