“At One Point, Everyone Hated Each Other & It Was Scandalous Out There”


Hot Spot No. 10

With 2014 finally here and in full effect, SOHH’s reached out to the biggest regional deejays throughout the nation to name the Top 14 Most Surprising Hip-Hop Hot Spots. Today, DJ Reddz shows love to the Baltimore, Maryland hip-hop scene.

I see both Baltimore and Washington, DC coming up as far as hip-hop goes. I think DC has more of an edge as far as mainstream because of Wale and Fat Trel.

Baltimore has a lot of artists, too. Los has the best situation right now for someone coming out of Baltimore by signing with Diddy and putting out a mixtape not too long ago and now he’s working on another one. I think something about this DMV area, the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area are blowing up.

Baltimore is its own world. There’s no other place in that nation, out of all the places I’ve been and deejayed at, that comes close. It has its own identity, it has its own world. We have our own type of music too. It’s like an amped up type of music.

Similar cities and states with that music like it is Philadelphia, New Jersey, it’s upbeat. It sounds more like house music but it’s more raw. That’s been our identity for years. Just like DC has go-go, we have our house club music.

The Baltimore scene within itself is coming into its self. We’ve realized not one indivivdual is going to get it and we have to come together as a unified front. We have to work together and you’re starting to see a lot more collaborations. It’s a lot less selfishness. At one point, everyone hated each other and it was scandalous out there.

Surprisingly, Baltimore has an extraordinary nightlife scene. There’s a lot of parties. For the city being so small, you can find a party every night, from Monday to Sunday. You can find things to go out to and have a good time.

We have places like Mirage, I’m there every Sunday night. That place is crazy. On Fridays, I’m always trying to bounce between Baltimore and DC. Right now, I’m at a spot called BWX out there in Baltimore on Fridays. On Saturday nights, it’s kind of the same thing. Personally, I’ve tried to bounce around to keep my name exclusive and no one can pinpoint me out to one area.

There’s a lot of spots in Baltimore. There’s the Select Lounge, you got a spot called Voltage where I used to deejay at. Of course you have the strip clubs too. There’s one called Norma Jean’s, they got a crazy following. That’s a place where deejays go and break records. Girls got the big a**es and they get naked down here.

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