“If You Can Make It Here, You Can Make It Anywhere”

Hot Spot No. 7

With 2014 finally here and in full effect, SOHH’s reached out to the biggest regional deejays throughout the nation to name the Top 14 Most Surprising Hip-Hop Hot Spots. Today, DJ R To Da Izza A shows love to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hip-hop scene.

I think the overall vibe in Philly is kind of like a crabs in the barrel type of thing. There’s so many rappers and so many trying to get on, it feels like there’s not a lot of unity.

It always feels like everybody is just scrapping to try to make it. You got people who support each other, like cliques, but it’s always felt like there’s so many emcees and people trying to get it. If you can make it in Philly, you can make it anywhere.

In Philly, it’s not like the South. The South has always had a lot of unity. Here, it just feels like it’s every man’s for himself. That’s just how it’s always been. I’m sure when the next person comes out of Philly, that person’s going to have haters too.

There was this one spot in Philly that just closed and it was called The Blockley. It literally just closed and it was great. Some good spots to go out to are like Silk City nightclub. But The Blockley was just one of the best venues to go out to.

There’s spots like Reserve and the Electric Factory. There’s a lot of concerts and stuff going on down there. I think closings have hurt a lot of cities and I think that’s one of the things that’s hurting us a lot. Philly is losing clubs left and right. Those were places where people could perform.

Everybody from DMX to Big K.R.I.T. has come here and performed at The Blockley. Of course when those artists come, there’s an opportunity for up-and-coming artists to get put on. So when those clubs aren’t around, it hurts.

The TLA [Theatre of Living Arts] is over on South Street and it’s a great place for artists to perform at.

The thing about Philly is you can pretty much get a good cheesesteak from the hood neighborhood spots. My personal favorite place to get cheesesteaks is Ishkabibbles’s on South Street and I like a spot called Greet Lady over on 40th Street. Those are my personal favorites.

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