“We’re The Best Thing Since The Automobile”


Hot Spot No. 14

With 2014 finally here and in full effect, SOHH’s reached out to the biggest regional deejays throughout the nation to name the Top 14 Most Surprising Hip-Hop Hot Spots. Today, DJ Head Debiase shows love to the Michigan hip-hop scene.

That state of hip-hop here in Grand Rapids, Michigan is kind of like a mixture of up-and-coming artists and veteran artists. There’s a lot of cats out here that are lyrical. I’m into lyrical cats and more into the real hip-hop.

I feel like we’re the best thing since the automobile. We’re just trying to keeping it coming and keeping that freedom music back around. When I look at the industry now, it’s coming back to the lyrics.

Right now, our hip-hop scene, as far as venues, it’s not a lot because of the mentality of the streets around here. A lot of our clubs and venues have been shut down but we still have a couple spots where we can have shows. I travel and I hang out at different spots. As far as Grand Rapids goes, Billy’s is a hot spot and I would also recommend the Intersection for people to check out.

There’s a few more spots that will be opening up later.

One of my favorite spots to get food is a spot called the Southern Fish Fry. They have a lot of different selections. They have a lot of different seafood. A lot of places I go to out-of-town don’t have those types of foods. You can mix it up and get some Kool-Aid or some juice with your meals right after the club.

Another place I recommend is called Six.One.Six. It’s a nice restaurant and it’s in the JW Marriott hotel. It’s a nice place I like to kick back at and maybe watch a couple games. You might want to take your lady there.

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  • Bob Loblaw

    “Best thing since the automobile”??? Is this nigga smoking yams?