“A Lot Of People Don’t Realize How Much Hip-Hop Stems From Here”


Hot Spot No. 13

With 2014 finally here and in full effect, SOHH’s reached out to the biggest regional deejays throughout the nation to name the Top 14 Most Surprising Hip-Hop Hot Spots. Today, DJ Giovanny shows love to the Ohio hip-hop scene.

I’m going to start talking about where I’m from, which is Columbus, Ohio. We have an up-and-coming scene. We have a very interesting influence. It’s a little bit of everything. I think we take a little bit of each coast and we incorporate it with our music. One group to mention is Fly Union. They’ve worked with everyone from Curren$y to Big Sean to Dom Kennedy.

They’ve got a lot of things coming up. They got a lot of things going on and they’re really the big group coming out of Columbus. We have a scene here. I think there’s a lot of people who don’t realize how much hip-hop stems from here. I think we have a really unique influence.

When you go to Cleveland, most recently you’ve seen Machine Gun Kelly. He has his own form of hip-hop that he makes.

In Cincinnati, you have Easy Lantana, the “All Hustle, No Luck” rapper.

Our scene is really cool. I think Ohio and each market has its own particular style. Columbus is very hip-hop influenced. The culture lives here. There’s definitely a big hip-hop scene here. A lot of these dudes are starting to get a lot of good looks from the industry.

One venue people can look for if they’re in Ohio is Skully’s. That’s definitely a spot that gets a lot of hip-hop looks. Nipsey Hu$$le [was] actually here [this week]. That’s where Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa have performed at.

The Newport is another legendary spot. That’s where the Hard Knock Tour was at out here.

It’s very nightclub-driven out here. Deejays tend to break the records in the nightclubs instead of the strip clubs. There’s a stripclub culture here but deejays don’t break records there as much as they do down South.

One of my favorite spots to eat at is Thurman Cafe for burgers. It’s been on the Food Network, it’s legendary. It’s a burger spot located in downtown Columbus.

The big thing here, lately, is a spot called The Late Night Slice. It’s all over High Street which is our main street. Those are our places to go.

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  • King-A Ling

    who is this nigga?

  • Darcy Barchue

    Ok Gio, I see you. Only problem is Hard Knock Life tour was at the Schottenstein Center, not the New Port.

  • bigshot

    nobody cares

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    sohh been wastin’ space lately with all these wack ass niggas