CURLS Custom Cocktail Kit

Christmas time is about the fire burning bright, mistletoe hanging over the front door, champagne parties and perfectly-styled hair for pictures taken with the snow. So if you’re still looking for that perfect gift for the woman in your life, including your mother, CURLS is the go-to present for any woman’s curly hair. From tight kinky locks to flowing tresses, CURLS haircare products has everything you need to for the gift of perfect hair. Need a little more incentive, check out CURLS’ Found and CEO Mahisha Dellinger’s top five reasons to purchase CURLS this Christmas!

1. Perfect Fit

The No. 1 reason someone should buy a Custom CURLS Cocktail Kit is because it’s customized for their hair type. You don’t have to go in and try one product and expect it to work for your hair. You can customize your kit and select each product from each set. Whether it’s cleanse, condition, moisturize or style, based on your hair type, you can get perfect, frizz-free hair everyday.

Reason 2: Total Moisture

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