Cory Gunz – That’s WTF I’m Talkin Bout


Representing the Militia and YMCMB to the fullest the BX’s own Cory Gunz is back after a small hiatus with a brand new drop. With nationwide summertime performances on deck with The Reloaded Tour, Cory is re-introducing himself to listeners and working on pushing his name to the next level. The multi-talented emcee steps it up on this seventeen track release of all new material.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download “That’s WTF I’m Talkin Bout”

1. BX Bomber

As the son of Bronx, NY emcee Peter Gunz, Cory was raised in the realm and center of Hip Hop culture. He is a gifted wordsmith and has a lot of versatility with his flows. Unfortunately in early 2012 Cory got caught up in a little legal trouble which slowed down his moves a bit, but now he has returned with a vengeance and sounds rejuvenated and hungry throughout this drop. Gunz can hold his own and absolutely finishes the track “Kan’t See Me” featuring Busta Rhymes. Going toe to toe with an accomplished vet like Bus could be intimating for some but Cory really shines on the Rikinatti produced track. Cory shows and proves. At this point, he holds more than enough talent in the bank to take his career to higher heights.


2. YMCMB Emcee

Gunz is the lyrical beast of YMCMB. His label-mates Drake and Nicki Minaj have experienced huge success on the mainstream front. Based on this mixtape it is clear that Cory isn’t trying to dumb down his flow or emulate any of the artists on the Young Money/Cash Money team. When Lil’ Wayne signed Cory Gunz he made a groundbreaking appearance on “6 Foot 7 Foot” which was featured on Tunechi’s “Carter 4″ album. The Bronx born emcee has bars for days and on this mixtape he leaves no stone un-turned bringing his fans directly into his zone.


3. Real Rap

On the introspective track “I Try” featuring Sean Hayz, Cory keeps it one hundred about growing up and maturing through real life situations. This song is deep and gives some insight of the changes Cory is trying to make to better his life and the ones around him. He also speaks on the relationship with his father.

“Me and my Pops was Starsky and Hutch/
I don’t know what I did/
But I know now he don’t talk to me much/
He wonder why I be sparking it up/
Fearing I’ll kill my inspiration
Like I can’t record with a dutch/
Now we talking in text?
F*ck is this? I thought we was us/
Where you at to support me – my crutch – Cory Gunz/

It’s not often emcees show that type of vulnerability, but this song really hits home. Joints like this show heart. Ill song.


4. The Build Up

Prior to “That’s WTF I’m Talkin Bout” being dropped, Cory had to remind cats why he is regarded as one of the top of the class for the new school generation. His “Levels” freestyle which came out last week picked up a lot of buzz and increased anticipation for this new tape. Having experienced so much since entering the industry at a young age it’s definitely his time to see big success. From his earlier record deal signings and his MTV show “Son Of a Gun” we have witnessed the grind it takes to be successful in the industry. Gunz has publicly went through his difficulties and is turning things into a positive direction with this breakthrough mixtape release.

5. Features

Cory brings out some dope special guests to add their touch to “That’s WTF I’m Talkin Bout”. As mentioned earlier Busta Rhymes is featured on here for the heater, “Kan’t See Me”. Other features include former Coke Boy Charlie Rock who is on two tracks. Mack Maine, Wiz Khalifa, Sean Hayz, HASH and Juicy J all come thru on this drop as well. A bulk of the production comes courtesy of Dot N Pro who hold it down to the fullest with the beats.


  • “Tha Oringinal Topdawg

    Peter Gunz aint talking to Cory because hes made that he signed to a circus act full of clowns…He knows Cory wont reach his full potential as an M.C. wit Young Money.

    • seveneightyseven

      in the documentary didn’t he encourage him to sign to them? I remember that on the MTV special

    • YeaMyNig

      I think its the gun case he mad at

    • doped.king

      i humbly disagree

  • Dean Rupcic

    Brilliant lyricist, wrong camp.

  • song

    guys a dope lyricist, you could tell what these sohh writers quoted from of his songs was heart felt. but i cant fuck with some1 thats been rapping the same way over a decade.

    • Dean Rupcic

      So you like people that follow trends ?

      • song

        do you think cory set his own¿

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Gunz a beast…its now or never…he needs to be recording songs wit Kendrick, Joey Bada$$ and the like

    • Real McCoy

      You right. Whats ironic is he was on the Freshman cover back in like 09 with Cudi, Wale and Asher. I think going with Young Money is slowing him down

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Niggaz see the power moves being made an assume if they jump on the bandwagon some of that wealth and power will spill over and fill their cup and end up on some backburner brewing over a low flame…..Cory did that…plus gettong locked up and continuously doing dumb shyt stalls ya moves….Cory needs to get outta his contract and do him….he can be doing monumental things….his mixtape game can be crazy if he links up wit lyrical monsters like Cole, Lamar, Action Bronson, etc….wit dope production….hip hop is ready for the lyrical mc again so long ahe music is entertaining….bars is where its at….dope conceptual cds that make u sit and say damn the fuck he jus say….these new cats got the lyrical shyt not its transferring that into something dope that will sell

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    He’s very underrated tho
    Just sayin

  • doped.king

    @ the moment, he is d best emcee on ymcmb. I believ he could go toe to toe with kendrick and cole

  • 5xob

    Uh what happened to that banger charge in NYC? Yell

  • Tina Moore

    This nigga should’ve signed with Nick Cannon. He probably would’ve had like 2 or 3 albums out by now. Being that he was gonna be Nick’s first priority to build the label into something special. Should’ve listened to his dad, now he’s stuck on a label that don’t pay their artist, or that don’t put out their artist albums. Unless your Wayne, Baby, Drake, or Nicki. Shit Bow Wow will drop an album on ymcmb before Cory will. Karma’s a bitch!

  • Cuban Pete

    I didnt get past the very weak first track.