Chris Rivers – Wonderland of Misery

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Chris Rivers formally known as Baby Pun, is the only son of rap legend Big Pun. Hailing from the Bronx, Chris has put together his long awaited project, “Wonderland Of Misery”. He states he wants to bring Hip Hop back and assuredly holds it down with an exceptional display of ill bars and realistic themes.

Here are the SOHH 5 reasons to download “Wonderland Of Misery”.

1. Son Of Pun

Chris is the son of Hip Hop royalty Big Pun, the first solo Latin emcee to ever go platinum. The Grammy nominated emcee who was a member of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad crew was one of the most respected and admired on the mic. His untimely passing left a deep void in the Hip Hop community, especially in New York. Rarely since then have we seen a lyricist of Pun’s caliber on the rap landscape. Charismatic yet serious with a knack for making hit records and also helping to uplift the ones around him, Big Pun is most certainly missed. Chris Rivers is his own artist without a doubt, but with his lineage, one can’t help to think that the talent he has just naturally flows in his bloodline.

Reason 2: Incredible Lyrics

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  • 5789007

    Niggas ain’t gon give him a chance. He too nice, They wan’t lil b lol. I fucks with it though and not because Pun his dad he nice.

    • NdotC

      yeh he would have to make a “Im not a player i just crush alot” joint.

  • BANE

    I approve.

  • Mec-One

    Lotta rappers praise pun but, none of them throwing support for this kid?! Shame cause this cat has lyrical skill

    • Jay ralph

      Give it time. Now that he has a project out maybe he will get a chance. I haven’t heard the project yet but I have heard him spit. He got skills. Somebody is gonna holla at him. I just hope he makes the right decision.

  • whitegirlsloveme

    This kid is nice

  • REALLY23

    nigga nice

  • NdotC

    i heard two bars and said this def Puns son.

  • NdotC

    Eminem needs to get out the check book…him and Dre could get this kid right.

    • 5789007

      I was thinkin sort of the same thing. He would fit in with them better than anybody them dudes still sign niggas based on skill, but fuckin with Dre he’ll never come out lol. He might get some ghost writing $$ though

  • Rebeka Ricee

    *takes deep breath* you can catch me in the cherry red one fifty!

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Nigga want to bring back hip hop
    HIPHOP ain’t gone nowhere
    Its just new rappers it’s a new era nah mean
    So it can’t go back to the mc hammer an krs one
    It’s but lil weezy an chief keef an them niggas now
    Just saying

  • Don Knocks_Prod

    nigga is nice!!!