Chamillionare – Reign Fall


Chamillionare aka King Koopa blesses the game twice in one year with another 2013 EP release. Steady on his grind with a relentless hustling mentality to succeed, the often underrated lyricist puts out a solid and short seven song release. In preparation for his new studio album which is still TBD “Posion”, Cham lets the world know his reign is far from over.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download “Reign Fall”.

1. Mixtape Messiah

The mixtape game in Houston, Texas is unlike no other. With pioneering production and mix masters from the likes of DJ Screw, Michael 5000 Watts & OG Ron C, the legendary chopped and screwed sound created a legacy that carried over to other regions across the country. Chamillionare along with Paul Wall were together in a group called Color Changing Click and in the early 2000′s dropped “Get Ya Mind Correct” which put their names on the map. Subsequently, Chamillionare began his own run with the popular “Mixtape Messiah” series. Before he signed his first major deal, Cham intuitively knew how to get on his grustle. He flooded the streets with musical product out the trunk and in Mom’s and Pop’s stores throughout different regions in the country. Cham is a tried and tested artist – one who knows how to navigate in the game without losing a step. He knows what people like and pushes his talent to the masses without compromising who he is.


2. True Grustler

Chamillionare made a killing off ringtones in the late 2000′s and moved with superb business acumen throughout his time signed to Universal Records. Chamillitary Entertainment is Cham’s independent company and the platinum selling rap artist still continues his indie run without the support of any major label. Cham has racked up a Grammy as well as an MTV Video Music Award for his hit song “Ridin” and has a large supportive fanbase that have followed his career from the start. He connects with folks directly on his website and social networks. Cham is a trendsetter in terms of setting up alternate outside ventures and using his music to further his entrepreneur goals.


3. EP Life

This is Chamillionare’s third EP release since last year. The other drops include “Ammunition” and “Elevate”. Reign Fall will be the final release of EP’s leading up to a full length album titled “Poison.” This EP continues on the tradition of Cham with thought provoking rhymes and an insightful outlook. Cham rarely if ever curses in his lyrics and raps from an insightful platform. On this new project Cham displays versatility going from aggressive on tracks like “Keep Drivin’” to sleek on “Cloud 9″. His story telling abilities are on ill display on “Here We Go.” The melodic hooks throughout “Reign Fall” keeps the continuity flowing making the EP a real cool listen.


4. Let It Reign

One of the realest songs dropped this year. Chamillionare gives listeners some jewels to run with. An invigorated Scarface and a powerful verse from Killer Mike just seals the deal. Borrowing from the Issac Hayes “Ike’s Mood 1″ and later sampled by DJ Hollywood for “Hollywood’s World” and Mary J. Blige for “I Love You”, Cham’s “Reign Fall” is a serious cut. The lyrics are on point, the beat is nostalgic and the hook featuring Bobby Moon is sleek. Cham gives listeners something to think about on his verse.

We look around and see nobody left to idolize
Cause we just waiting till these newer guys run out of lies
Exaggerated all the rumor talk of our demise
Then we rise up just like “What’s up?” and they apologize
Surprise, the storm is coming so I wish you luck
Protect yourself cause if you don’t then you might self-destruct – Chamillionare

5. Features

“Reign Fall” includes features from Scarface, Bobby Moon and Killer Mike while Chamillionare holds down the rest of the set dolo. The production is carried out by Tyler Keyes, Trakksounds, Billion Beats, J Starz Music and The Beatbullies.


  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Good nigga
    Just saying

  • Drew Emmerson

    This dude is 234789 time lame. When people like him get songs on radio, it makes me embarrassed that I listen to HipHop – cause people are all like ‘oh, so that’s what you listen to huh ? I’m down with RAP’ – ughhhhhh….this leather faced clown should go away

    • Bubblegum Bobby

      man, this dude can rap circles around probably 90% of your mainstreem rap artists. This dude shits on so many verses that u have no idea..

      If you listen to Cham and say to yourself “that’s not hip-hop” then you must have poor taste or are in the ‘elite’ circle of Underground NY artists who think that battle rapping makes them a successful artist.

  • Bubblegum Bobby

    Talented dude. Dude can spit some venomous verses and he’s also got singing chops that are respectable in the game without trying to sell out like he’s a half R&B artist like Drake. Some rappers can sing like Kanye and J.Cole, but dude double-tracks his voice at 2 different pitches, so he has a pretty good sense of recording and harmonizing.

    Kinda don’t like the new tuxedo’ed-up image he’s trying to portray but hey you grow up.