Category: The Witnesses

Katie Schad

Katie Schad joined The Source Sports magazine in October 1998 as photo editor. By October 1999, she was photo editor of The Source magazine, improving the caliber of the photography, seeking out and developing new talent, and visually bringing the magazine to the next level. Under her direction, The Source entered the prestigious SPD Competition for the first time in 2002 and won five merit awards. Most recently she was involved in the launch of the first edition of the French Source.

K. Belin

Former Source employee K. Belin was present by a subpoena to the stand to talk about her experiences of harassment at the hands of Benzino.

After six years at The Source, Belin quit because she was “tired of being cursed at and treated in an improper manner.” Testified that Benzino asked her out about five times but declined each time. Returned to The Source upon Dave Mays request.