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The Source

The Source is a monthly full-color magazine covering hip-hop music, politics, and culture.
The magazine was founded as a newsletter in 1988 by David Mays and Jon Shecter, and is now owned by Black Enterprise Incorporated. The current president of the publication is Jeremy Miller.
Mays and rapper Benzino were terminated from their positions as CEO and president respectively in 2006.
From humble beginnings, The Source had grown into one of the largest and most influential hip-hop publications in the United States. It had even grown to the point of being called “The Bible of Hip-Hop.”

David Mays

David Mays is the co-founder and co-owner of The Source magazine.

Michelle Joyce

Michelle Joyce, a former marketing executive for The Source.

Raymond Scott aka Benzino

Raymond Scott (born October 24, 1967) is a rapper known as Benzino. The rapper was the former co-owner of The Source, a popular hip hop magazine in the United States. Originally the rapper was residing in Boston, Massachusetts when he met The Source founder Dave Mays while visiting Harvard University. From 1988 to 2001, Benzino was a silent partner in the growth of the business. However, in 2001, Benzino acknowledged his involvement in the publication.