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Who Is Kelly Bundy?

Video vixen Kelly Bundy has stepped forward to reveal she is the woman featured in an alleged Bobby V sex tape and explained why she is currently shopping it around to the highest bidder. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, read this.

All I can say is, shawty is bad.

Using Onomatopoeia In Hip-Hop

Rick Ross & Rocko

Let me help you sound smarter than your friends tomorrow while you’re at the water cooler.

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Kanye West – Stop Sucking Yourself

Kanye West must have had two ribs removed because this guy stays sucking himself.

Musicially, I like Kanye West but personally I can’t stand the guy.

First, he’s bitching about not being acknowledged by Dick Clark. Now he’s thinking about making magazines to pay him to be on their covers.

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Jadakiss – Overated? Or Am I Just Hating


For some reason I’m just not feeling Jadakiss like the rest of the world. When he was making his mixtape rounds before the Bad Boy signing I was feeling him. Honestly, I liked Money Power Respect. On We Are The Streets and Ryde Or Die Vol. 1 – 3, the guy was a monster.

But what’s up with them solo albums?

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