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Men’s Spartan HI SK Shoes & Rob Dyrkek Letterman Zip Hoodie

Men’s Spartan HI SK Shoes & Men’s Rob Dyrkek Letterman Zip Hoodie
On October 18, pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek announced his Holiday 2012 Dyrdek Collection with DC Shoes. With clothing, footwear and accessories ready to go, Dyrdek has everything you need in his collection just in time for the holidays. So we present to you the Rob Dyrdek Letterman Zip Hoodie and Spartan Shoes. If you still have last minute shopping to do, we’ve got you covered. Here’s five reasons to buy Rob Dyrdek’s DC Shoes collection.
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New Era 2TB & Quilted Camper

new-era-600 x 300-2012-12-11

New Era may be pushing their latest trends this season, but no one will ever forget the traditional snapback that’s taken over shelves for years. With customized city call-outs under the visor, for teams nationwide, fans can show love and rep their favorite teams with any ensemble they choose to wear this holiday. So check out the five reasons to buy the New Era 2TB and Quilted Camper this Christmas, and get a chance to put under your tree. It’s all brought to you by and Ford!
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12 Society

Michael Strahan, Blake Griffin, Nas, Nick Cannon, Kevin Love and Tim Lincecum are names you probably never thought to hear mentioned in the same sentence, especially at Christmas time, but for this season and every season to come these athletes and entertainers have come together to create the perfect product just for you. These six men along with other are a part of 12 Society, a lifestyle gifting brand that brings the merchandise to you for less than half their retail price. For just $39 per month you can have the latest in clothing, technology, music and footwear, all picked out by your favorite stars. Don’t believe us? Check out 12 Society’s top five reason to join their club this Christmas!
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CD Gift Pack: Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors and Selling My Soul

The holidays can survive without great music, so today is giving you the gift sound! Today marks the release of Big Boi’s latest LP, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and just days away from Wu-Tang member Masta Killa’s upcoming solo project, Selling My Soul. With five great reasons to purchase these albums this holiday season, we’re giving five chances to win them all day long!
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In a world where every one is trying to go green and eat healthy, Zing Anything has come along and given people a way to consume flavor-filled drinks without swallowing the calories or putting on the pounds. Zing Anything introduces the AquaZinger, the fun way to bring great taste to water. Using any fruit or citrus flavors, anyone can turn boring water into a calorie-free, flavored drink. So need a way to stay healthy this holiday season? Check out the top five reasons to purchase AquaZinger for your Christmas tree.
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