Cash Money Star Strips, Nipsey Hussle Compares Hip-Hop To Africa, “Entourage” Movie Delay Finally Explained

Thirsty Tuesday. The Internet is thirsty for some good-good and what better way to kick things off than with Paris Hilton getting down for Terry Richardson‘s infamous photo shoots? Speaking of West Coast entertainers, is Nipsey Hussle right for comparing hip-hop to Africa? Africa would be a great place for an “Entourage” movie to take place in, but will we ever see that happen? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. From Paris With Love

All things considered, Paris Hilton may be the third hottest female on YMCMB behind Nicki Minaj and Shanell aka SNL. But looking at her recent photo shoot with Terry Richardson, she may be making a bid for the second hottest. Complex has a shot:

The word on the street is that Paris Hilton is coming back…but TBH, did she ever leave? Between her new song and video with Lil Wayne (“Good Time”), released after she was signed to Cash Money Records, and a big DJ contract in Ibiza, Paris is putting music first again. She tells Rolling Stone, “I went to my first rave when I was 16 at Roseland Ballroom. I just remember the glow sticks, the clothes. I’ve always been a rave girl.” While these photos at Terry Richardson’s studio with her sister Nicky don’t necessarily show off the “rave girl” side, they definitely show off her bad girl side. Try to contain yourself. (Complex)

There’s plenty of photos to look at, so make sure to visit Terry’s actual site to get a full glimpse of all that makes up Paris Hilton. With these types of photos, should she have any other person take the cover shot of her upcoming Cash Money Records album? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Don’t Knock The Hussle

Is Nipsey Hussle breaking new ground in hip-hop? After putting $100 tags onto his music, could people be listening or even respecting the message he’s trying to deliver? He has an interesting take on what’s been going on in hip-hop as of late. XXL Mag has the exclusive:

Honestly, not to sound arrogant, but I think I proved what I had been trying to scream out for the last couple years, or at least took a step toward proving it. I think that a demonstration on a small level in the battle, the war that we’re fighting, it represents a win. It’s like David and Goliath to an extent. They threaten artists—you’re gonna become irrelevant, you better sign, you can’t do it without us—whether they do it overtly or not, that’s the relationship. It’s like, well, go ahead and do it on your own, but I hope you got a million dollars to promote yourself, because you can’t compete with us at radio, you can’t get your sh*t in chain stores because you don’t have the relationships. It’s an arrogant stance, and this is our culture. It’s like we’ve been colonized. Hip-hop is like Africa right now; our natural resources, we’re watching them get taken from us. The people that control and own the lion’s share of the assets aren’t indigenous to the culture at all. It ain’t about white or black or race, it’s about love for the culture of hip-hop. I just feel like things are necessary, things like this have to happen, or we’re gonna end up raped. We’re gonna end up like other genres. And then the people move on. (XXL Mag)

Does Nipsey make a great point? There was a time when even Drake talked about possibly going independent for his debut and what that would mean to the marketplace. Of course he decided to go with Cash Money and the rest is history, but can artists really reach the same success as those on major labels from an indie standpoint? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Welcome To My Entourage

Are you still aching for an Entourage movie like the rest of us? After a summer 2012 series finale to one of the best shows geared to people in the 20’s through 40’s, we’ve been playing the waiting game to see what’s going on with the movie. Now we learn the real reason behind the delay. TMZ has the scoop:

Mark Wahlberg — who inspired and executive produced “Entourage” — finally revealed the REAL holdup on the “Entourage” movie … certain people are being way too greedy.

There’s been talk of an “Entourage” flick ever since the HBO series wrapped back in 2011 … and several actors have expressed serious interest in the project, but it hasn’t gotten off the ground.

So, yesterday at LAX, we asked Mark when everyone’s favorite Hollywood crew would finally reunite on the big screen — and the answer we got was very interesting:

“As soon as them guys stop being so greedy.”

Mark wouldn’t specify who he was talking about, but he did explain that the “greedy” people need to look at the situation from a “long term” mindset — “It’s one of those things where if the movie’s a success, we’ll get to make a lot more of them and then we’ll probaby make a lot of money.” (TMZ)

Could greed really be the cause of all this? Are we ever going to get this movie? Can it make up for the loss in time? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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  • Kreole

    Damn, I thought Nipsey was gonna say something stupid, but that’s the smartest thing I’ve heard comming from a rappers mouth in a long time.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Forget rapper, in regards to an art form, that maybe the realest thing I have heard. He gets all the respect for standing up for the culture while all these other rappers ‘talk the talk’.

  • Splat Nonchalant

    Nipsey a real dude. and that Crenshaw mixtape is blu flame. ready to hear a album from my dude.

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Lame fufu shit
    Just sayin

  • whoa

    It’s time to reclaim the culture……FIRE THE MAJORS.

    • rapgod

      Whoa is gay

  • rapgod

    Nipsey hussle is wack and he sucks dick like kreole