Casetagram x Snoop Lion Exclusive Reincarnated Collection

Snoop Casetagram - 1
Snoop Lion just teamed up with “popular mobile and web app” Casetagram to release his own exclusive Reincarnated stamp collection. “He’s the first celebrity stamp collection from Casetagram, and the images will be offered to fans free of charge until May 2013!” The Cali MC said, “When I first saw Casetagram, I loved the idea of being able to create a phone case with my own pictures and personalize my case,” and now he’s giving you the chance to personalize your own Reincarnated phone case through Casetagram. So if you like custom cases and love Snoop even more, check out Casetagram’s top five reasons to buy your own Snoop Lion Reincarnated Casetagram collection. And don’t forget, Snoop’s Casetagram images are free until May 2013!

1. Free Now; Pay Later

The images featured in Snoop’s REINCARNATED gallery will be offered to fans free of charge until May 2013, and afterwards for a set price. So download now and save!
Reason 2: Trendsetter

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