Cappadonna: Earth, Wynd & Fyre

Cappadonna - 1

Wu-Tang Clan member, Cappadonna is back at it with his latest LP, Earth, Wynd & Fyre. Knowing that he is “the angel of rap” here to “anoint his fans,” the New York word spitter is giving the people what they want with his follow up to The Pilgrimage, which dropped last year. Understanding that music comes with a rule, a tool and a jewel, check out Cappadonna’s top five reasons to buy Earth, Wynd & Fyre.

1. The Rule

You already know that giving is one of the essentials of life, so I’m giving something. That’s why they should go cop the album—because it’s better to give than to receive. That’s what I’m giving people, a double CD.
Reason 2: The Tool

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  • YoMomma

    Trust me, you don’t want this – it’s fucking shit – get Killah Priest’s new album instead – 100 times better