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Although C-Murder is locked down, he is still making his presence felt through his music. His new project features some original unheard exclusives from the platinum selling artist and writer. There are some ill guest features, banging beats and hard hitting verses that fans will certainly respect and appreciate from Corey Miller. After this release, folks may be wondering if this is the last batch of C-Murder songs in the vault. For right now though, this is a great gift for long time listeners and supporters.

Here are 5 Reasons to download C-Murder’s “Ricochet.”

1. Kanye and Kendrick

Two of Hip Hop’s biggest stars have referenced or sampled Corey Miller’s music recently showing and proving the impact he left on the game. On Kendrick Lamar’s “Tammy Song” off his acclaimed “Section 80″ project, Kendrick references the C-Murder classic “Down For My N*ggas” in the first hook. On the Kayne West new LP “Yeezus”, the same C-Murder joint is sampled on the powerful “Blood On The Leaves.” “Down For My N*ggas” featuring Snoop Dogg and Magic (RIP) is still a joint that when played in the clubs gets people wildin’ and turnt up. C-Murder and his musical contributions have not been forgotten.

2. The Tank Rolls On

Since his incarceration C-Murder has been keeping his self busy. He released a book called “Death Around The Corner” in 2007 and still has his Tru Records movement active with fellow N.O. artists M-11 Spitta and Jason Lyric. C keeps in touch with his fanbase via twitter and is rolling with a positive demeanor despite his circumstances. What listeners can expect from C on “Ricochet” is nothing but raw truth from the man himself. C-Murder has always been endeared for his street lyrics and reality rap. On the song “Keep It Hood” he details some of the things he’s facing daily while being locked up.

“My lawyer needs ends my old friends ain’t up no dividends/
so f*ck em though/
Convicted felon attemped murders/
It’s mandatory I spit game and tell my story – I’m Corey/
I’ma hustla until I die/
now I’m hustlin’ on the inside and now I’m back outside” – C-Murder “Keep It Hood”


3. Southern Classics

When you think of the choke hold No Limit Records had during their run, it was truly astounding. C-Murder along with his younger brother Silk The Shocker and older brother Master P were the front line of a successful army of artists and a talented in-house production team. On “Ricochet”, there is an good collection of unreleased songs that takes you back to a time of Southern dominance when collectives like Suave House, The Dungeon Family, Rap-A-Lot and the early Cash Money Records roster were at their peak. They didn’t need the North East or West Coast approval to obtain their success, they just did what was hot to them and still made moves.

4. Stay Tru

Corey Miller is currently serving life at Louisiana State Prison after losing his last appeal earlier this year on February 19, 2013. Regardless, he still gets his families support. Silk The Shocker, who worked on many appeals for C, has been working on a C-Murder documentary. Upon the release of this new project “Ricochet” Romeo Miller, nephew to C-Murder showed support of the mixtape tweeting, “Go download my uncle @iamcmurder new mixtape! Now available at http://livemixtapes.com #cmurder #ricochet #tru #freecmurder #familyfirst”


5. The Features

There are many guest appearances on “Ricochet” including Papoose on “Ride Out” and west coast vets Too Short plus B-Legit on “One B*tch”. Gilly Da Kid and Rudye are both featured on “Welcome To My World”. Max Minelli and Joey Queans jump on the hard hitting “Talk Sh*t”, while Young Buck, B.G., Cuttboy G Dinero and Akon all go in on the anthem sounding “One False Move (RMX)”. Chyna Whyte, T MeKa and Junnie B are featured on “The Game”, while Lil’ Real One, Jahbo, Verse, Sosa, DJ Bay Bay and Young Ready are on deck as well throughout this mixtape. There are no production credits or guest host. “Ricochet” is presented by Deadly Soundz Muzik and Dirty Glove Bastard.


  • Crazy 8

    hold your head high c no jail cell cant keep you down…

  • lv

    one of the best ever. damn shame these clowns got you locked up over some G shit that had to go down. bincha snitch ass niggaz couldnt keep they goddamn mouth shut.


      It’s a fucked up situation with him doing life in jail, but I have to ask Iv, if your brother/cousin or best friend had been the one killed would you still feel the same way?!?!?!

  • ant662

    im a big fan of c-murder and will prob be bumping this cd, but all these ppl ,as somebody put on here, act like c-murder is some kind of political prisoner. the tape i seen was him going up to the door of a club and just shooting inside without taking aim and then kiiled a 16 year old. there is a reason he’s in jail its called stupidity. i don’t know fools are acting like there was a huge conspiracy theory to keep him lock down. Like i said big fan of c-murder dude is a talented artist just wish he would of made better decisions.

    • Brandi The Goddess

      That video was at Club Rags in Baton Rouge and the gun didn’t even fire. The murder happened months later in another city and the guy who did is in Georgia serving life for a separate murder. He wasn’t even allowed to testify in open court at C Murder’s trial. He confessed, but the DA’s office wouldn’t accept it, because he was already serving life for that Georgia murder.

      • ant662

        On May 27, 2009, Miller pled no contest to two counts of attempted second degree murder. These charges stem from a 2001 incident inBaton Rouge in which Miller fired shots from a semi-automatic pistol at the owner and bouncer of a night club who refused to allow Miller to enter the business with the gun. C-Murder was sentenced to ten years with credit for time served.[7] An alleged surveillance video of the incident was posted

        this is off his wiki and he can change at anytime. u might want to read it. there is no mention of the circumstance u mentioned. it did say he got screwed cause the judge wouldnt allow a deadlock though

  • Sam _Trilla


  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Real Killa big up C Muda
    Snoop used to roll with No limit at one point
    Real recognize Real
    Just saying

  • Eric Smith

    When keeping it real goes wrong!!

  • Yeto

    The Greatest in the game.. Free My Homie C…

  • james

    “C keeps in touch with his fanbase via twitter”

    ok so they let prisoners in jail have the internet?


  • Gunna

    Free C Murder.. Hold ya head up homie.. Its Still TRU Foreva! You cant judge my nigga cuz its two sides to Every story.. Free Boosie 2