Bun B’s Got Beef, Paris Hilton Didn’t Bank On Sex Tape, Rihanna Jacked Her Look From This Gal?

Thanksgiving Almost Here Tuesday. It’s just 48 hours before we reach Thanksgiving, so why not get the blood boiling with Bun B having a new beef? Paris Hilton may have beef with someone after making nothing from her infamous sex tape. She might not have a sex tape, but Rihanna’s in a hot mess over her hair? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Bun B Beefing

Is Bun B the type to beef? He might be from the Dirty South but he’s one of the most loved hip-hop artists in the rap game. Unfortunately, it looks like someone is under his skin and he’s letting loose on who that person is. Complex is on it:

Bun B has many titles, one of them being the “Unnofficial Mayor of Houston.” When hip-hop’s elder statesman came through the Complex office, we were eager to hear his thoughts on controversial Texas Senator Ted Cruz. In case you forgot, Cruz is the derelict who induced a fillibuster to the Senate as he spoke for over 21 hours in protest of Obama Care, setting the tone that led to the infamous government shutdown. Obviously, it didn’t work so well. Watch the video above to see Bun showcasing a taste of his political knowledge while offering up his opinion on the foolishness. Could Bun B run for office? He’s got our vote. (Complex)

It’s good to see Bun B has some thoughts on politics. As much as we love to hear him talk about the Trill life and everything that’s going down in Houston, it’s refreshing to see there’s other things on his mind as well. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Get Money

Paris Hilton might want to call up Birdman to get some money problems squared away. After becoming an icon for her adult homemade video she made ten years ago, it looks like Paris Hilton might not have walked away with anything other than notoriety. TMZ has the scoop:

Paris Hilton never made ONE CENT off of her sex tape — which has produced untold millions in profits … at least that’s her story.

It’s a shocking statement … given that “1 Night in Paris” has grossed tens of millions of dollars.

TMZ knows … Paris signed off on the skin flick in 2004, but sources connected with Hilton tell us … she claims she gave all the profits to her co-star, Rick Salomon. We know in the first year alone, Salomon reported to the IRS that he made $10 mil, and that was almost all sex tape $$$.

So the question … why would Paris sign off on the tape if she didn’t want to cash in? We can’t answer that question.

Paris made the revelation at LAX. We were asking her about shutting down the Slovenian porn site that’s profiting off of “1 Night in Paris” when she dropped the bombshell. (TMZ)

Is there any chance this could be true? It’s hard to believe such an epic video could have left her making nothing. Even Kim Kardashian seemed to cake up over her tape with Ray J. Any truth to this? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Swagger Jacking

Rihanna has always seemed to be a revolutionary. Could she have jacked some fashion tips from another artist? That appears to be the case. Enstarz has a big take on this:

Rihanna’s hairstyle at the 2013 American Music Awards Sunday got lots of attention, leading the former manager of a Hindu artist named Patwa to make a statement claiming the We Found Love singer took her client’s look.

Rihanna performed Diamonds on stage Sunday night before she accepted the show’s first ever ICON Award from her mother. The singer’s hair was wrapped in what’s called a doobie with studded bobby pins holding it in place.

In the statement, the unnamed manager wrote, “I am writing to express my extreme frustration and anger over the blatant theft of an image that my former artist and I cultivated…The image that we were trying to run with [was] what Patwa knew from the streets, which was the doobie wrap.

She wore it proudly with pinned jeweled pins to signify she was a Queen and this was her ghetto crown.”

The manager went on to say that in 2010 he and his client posted a number of videos with Patwa’s hair wrapped in the doobie. Patwa was also offered a development deal with Roc Nation, which is also Rihanna’s current label, if she agreed to “soften” her image and overall sound. However, she and the manager refused and walked away.

“I’ve never told [Patwa] but I always wondered what if we had softened up and changed that hair. Fast forward to 11/24/13 and who do I see grace my flat screen while sitting in my modest one bedroom apartment wearing a doobie wrap with jeweled pins at the AMAs,” the manager worte. “Roc Nation’s own Ri Ri. I honestly felt violated.” (Enstarz)

Is this just a coincidence or could Rihanna really be out there taking people’s hair designs? As often as RiRi changes it up, is it really a big deal? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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  • hoeyuno

    Dude behind the Hindu lady looks like rakim with dreads

  • poetic assasin

    Lol @ what Patwa knew from the streets. Women have been doing their like that from forever

  • Clofresh

    lol..as ya’ll can see i’m a black man, a very dark ass black man at that, lol, but i’ll tell yall str8 up that Obama care sucks..Real Talk. How u gonna give somebody a fine if they dont choose to get health care..lmfao..like how u gonna make a nigga pay for health care or else..lmao..shit sound like communism to me..but then again, obama dont really run shit anyway..shit is all a game. all these fuckin false flag operations and shit is starting to be the norm and very redundant. wake up yall

    • Jared

      I’m a Black man too, a dark one. With all due respect that means you don’t understand health care on a macro level nor the history of U.S. Healthcare based on the wording of your comment.

  • Afna

    Patwa is Jamaican not Indian. Patwa is a jamaican emcee from Brooklyn New York. She got buzz cos she raps and sounds like a female version of how Shyne used to sound. Or a young foxy brown.

    Hindu. Lol. Do some research.

    She better then nicki minaj and all those other junk rappers.