Boost Mobile’s Kyocera Hydro Edge Smartphone

The winter holidays are officially here and SOHH/GetFrush are saving you time by dishing out the top presents you gotta get your hands on. From must-have gadgets, audio swag, new music, fresh gear and more, we have you covered! Today, peep the top five reasons you need to hook everyone you know up with Boost Mobile’s Kyocera Hydro Edge Smartphone.

1. Anytime & Anywhere

The Hydro Edge is a great option for any extreme sports fan, casual outdoor enthusiast or commuter worried about losing or damaging their mobile phone to the elements as it is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in fresh water. From a few raindrops to a full cannonball, this phone has no fear of water.

2. No Limits


The built-in five megapixel camera allows for lighter packing, so you can capture every panoramic view or successful ski jump with the tap of a button.

3. Holla If You Hear Me

Kyocera Splash

This smartphone features Smart Sonic Receiver technology that helps you hear where traditional phone speakers fail, allowing you to hear conversations in busy airports, while on the slopes or at thrilling baseball games.

4. I Got The Hook Up

Boost Mobile offers affordable plans with unlimited talk, text and data for only $55/month. Not to mention for every six on-time payments, the monthly bill is reduced by $5 (up to $15) thanks to Boost Mobile’s shrinking payments.

5. Can’t Beat It


The Hydro Edge is loaded with all features of the latest Android Jelly Bean platform and is an affordable gift for anyone at only $149.99. It’s the perfect gift to help your loved ones stay connected while braving the elements this holiday season.


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