Boost Mobile

boost-mobile--600 x 300-2012-12-21

Still looking for that perfect gift for Christmas? Well, look no further because Boost Mobile has you covered with the white Samsung Galaxy II. With unlimited talk, text, web and email plans available, you can’t go wrong with this 4G smartphone. Need five reasons to buy the perfect droid for your tree this year, check out Boost Mobile’s top five reasons to purchase the Samsung Galaxy II and their great holiday plans.

1. No Contracts

Other mobile companies make you sign one and two-year contracts that are very costly to get out of if you decide to switch carriers. Boost Mobile allows you to be a customer month-to-month, and [makes it] even easier to keep your account active with Auto Re-Boost—after registering your credit or debit card, Boost will automatically process your monthly payment every month on your monthly payment date.

Reason 2: Shrinking Payments

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