Birdman $2.5 Mil Stunt On The Poor, R. Kelly Reveals His Black Panties Hotline Number, Suge Knight Puts Chicks Over Bros?

We’re Almost There Wednesday. You can almost smell the food cooking today, so why not get things started with Birdman handing out turkeys to the poor but then stunting on them too? Speaking of stunting, is R. Kelly giving out hotline numbers to thirsty women? With women still on your mind, it looks like Suge Knight is banking on ladies running the world, or at least music industry? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Turkey & Bugattis

With Birdman being one of the Forbes Cash Kings every year, you would have to think he could do a lot more than dish out turkeys right before Thanksgiving Day. If anything, at least not drive to the event in a $2.5 million vehicle? TMZ is up on it:

Birdman knows how to make a poor person feel REALLY POOR — ’cause the rap mogul gave out free turkeys to families in need Monday … and then drove off in a $2.5 MILLION luxury car.

The Cash Money prez rolled up to his turkey giveaway at Little Haiti Soccer Park in Miami yesterday in his ruby red Bugatti — one of the most expensive cars in the world.

Seems a bit flashy considering he was giving away food to people who can barely afford it — dontcha think???

Still, gotta give the guy credit — ’cause Bird, along with Ace Hood, DJ Khaled, Slim and Mack Maine are giving away a total of 3,000 free turkeys in cities across the country — just like they did last year. ​

Gobble gobble. (TMZ)

In all fairness, there’s not a lot lof artists that go the extra mile Birdman goes. We might look down at him for “only” giving out turkeys but there’s a lot of families that benefit from those charitable actions. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Body Is Callin’

Is R. Kelly starting his own hotline? It’s not likely but with his new album getting ready to come out, what better way to promote yourself than with a number to call? If you have access, the Pied Piper is waiting. Complex is on it:

R. Kelly’s forthcoming album Black Panties is out December 10 and, in anticipation, of its release the singer has launched a new fan hotline. When you call the number in the image above, you’re given the option to join a mobile list to receive eight messages a month from the singer. The content of the messages are a mystery for now. Perhaps song snippets, like the ones he’s unearthed on Instagram? What isn’t a secret, however, is that if you don’t sign up for the messages, you receive an automated text after you hang up asking if you still want to subscribe. The sign-off? “Consent is not required.” Whether that means you’re going to get phone missives from the Pied Piper whether you agreed to receive them or not is unclear, but his people might have wanted to run that clause by a copywriter anyway. (Complex)

Any chance people want eight messages a month from R. Kelly? Could they all be about his new music or something more intimate for the ladies? Even worse, do guys get the same messages? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. The Game’s Changed

Suge Knight might not be the scariest person in hip-hop anymore but he still has a presence. Death Row Records was the past but Knight is living in the present with plans to make artists superstars once again. Especially the female ones? Medium has the scoop:

Yesterday, I published an exclusive interview with Suge Knight at Rolling Stone. It was the first official interview with the controversial former Death Row Records CEO in nearly ten years.

The conversation took place last Friday afternoon (November 22), the day before the 20th anniversary of the release of Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle.

He talked to me for about an hour and was quite amiable, speaking at length about Snoop, his fond memories of the early days of Death Row, and about the current state of hip-hop. Here are some outtakes.

On his current involvement with music:

On the music side I’m still about letting people express themselves how they want to. I’m looking forward to putting out more female artists than men artists nowadays. I think that females have a bigger story, they have a bigger struggle and they have more nuts nowadays than most these guys. It’s a real big change from 20 years ago.

On being a mentor:

If God bless you enough for you to grow, and give you a chance to have some good advice, you should. Or not just good advice, you need to be there. Because the kids today is a part of us. Take Chris Brown… Chris Brown is by far the most talented guy in the music business right now. Not just as an artist. But as a businessman, writer and an artist. So instead of us being so hateful, you don’t step on number two to become number one. Just be the best at it and you’ll become number one. So it’s definitely important to me for me to play my position and any time I can help these dudes I love to give something back. (Medium)

Do artists have enough faith in Suge to take their careers to the next level? Is there any chance Suge can once again rule the music industry? Has he adapted to today’s times or is he still living in the Golden Era of 90’s rap? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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  • Clofresh

    1 thing I will say is that nobody EVER fucks wit birdman. da nigga neva has security just a few goons that keep dat thang on deck. Da nigga pulled up in LIL HAITI of all places draped in jewels pushin a bugatti no cops no security. Talk about bold! REAL NIGGA!

    • Josh Wilmo

      lol come on bro….ain’t sht popping in little haiti

      • Clofresh

        lmfao..with a name like Josh Wilmo (bwhahahahahaaa) uma go out on a limb a say that your a white boy who dont know WTF he talkin bout…Let me see u walk up in lil haiti wit a bunch of jewels on lookin like new money by yourself…bet u wont make it out..

        • sicko0000

          Yep just watch the first 48

      • sicko0000

        He just trolling he had to laugh at that himself.

    • luigi jimenez

      Yea ok. Best believe birdman and his goons are all strapped. In Florida its very easy to get a conceal carry. And if you don’t have a permit you’ll most likely be ok. Don’t you ever hear rappers from the south carrying guns and just get fined. Try that in nyc get a year min just ask wayne

    • sicko0000

      You right he just dont look like somebody you want to fuck with.

  • Kody Scott

    wtf u talking bout ? this nigga stay with security EVERYWHERE HE GOES who u think those big dudes wit muscles and holding flashlights in their hand are? i only respect birdman cuz he got a liscense to carry his pistol anywhere , so u know he strapped

  • hpbudda

    y’all still respect a nigga dat kiss niggas…o yea dats old rite…… aint saying y’all gay, but dawg…ya’ll gay

  • Jonathan Bacher

    no one with a heart would drive a bugatti to a social activity like this.

    • hatetoregister

      LOL – That is because no one with a car like that would even GO to an event like that. Who cares about what he was driving? He went the extra mile to give to poor people! He didn’t even have to do it himself. How many entertainers do that?

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Nobody does, except every rapper.

  • Afi Keita James

    props for cash money for this.