Lana Fuch’s Billionaire Mafia

Billionaire Mafia - 1

Lana Fuchs is a Russian princess, star of TLC’s Sin City Rules, and first lady of Billionaire Mafia, the hottest upscale urban brand to hit the streets. From Stevie J’s trending I Am God T-shirt that premiered on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta to ready-made flasks and jewelry, Lana Fuchs taken over the urban retail industry. So if you’re trying to arrive in style like Busta Rhymes, or get two girls at the same damn time like Stevie, check out the Las Vegas princess top five reasons to get her billion-dollar brand.

1. Steve J!

I met [Stevie J] many years ago at one of the Magic shows [in Las Vegas], and he loved my swag and my style. Everybody’s now a king and a queen and a pharaoh, so what’s better than that? Now you gotta be God! And [Stevie] was f*cking two or three women at the same time, so that technically makes him [that guy].
Reason 2: Family Planning

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