Big Sean’s Fiancée In Sexy Lingerie, Saigon Disses Prez Obama, Heroic 8-Year-Old’s Tragic Story

Warm Wednesday. It’s a day to be surrounded by warmth, so why not heat things up with Big Sean‘s fiancée in lingerie? Speaking of heat, is Saigon throwing fire at President Barack Obama? It’s not often a story can make you think twice but an eight-year-old’s heroics cannot go unnoticed. All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Take It Off

Big Sean is one lucky rapper when you think about his rap career, youth and the fact his fiancée is Naya Rivera. She’s done a lot of teasing but with “Glee” coming up on its 100th episode, it’s no secret Rivera is going to show some skin. RumorFix is up on it:

As Glee‘s 100th episode nears, we’re starting to get a look at what each character will be up for during the milestone show. And it appears Naya Rivera will be spending hers in lingerie! The 27-year-old posted a photo to her Instagram wearing a red & black bra and panties with the caption “#Glee100.” Her character Santana appears to be on a stage so hopefully she’s just auditioning for Chicago. (RumorFix)

Is this just a big tease that won’t live up to the hype? Most likely not. Is there any chance we’ll see some more sneak peeks or are we going to have to wait? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Rap’s Smallest Bully

Is Saigon trying to take shots at President Barack Obama? Probably not but whenever anyone says anything about the head of state, it’s going to be noted. It turns out Saigon had some less than stellar remarks about President Obama when asked about the progress he’s made since coming into office. Vlad TV via HHDX is up on it:

“As we see now, I think I was right,” said Saigon of Obama in a recent interview on Vlad TV. “Because Obama came in with the whole ‘change.’ His whole thing was ‘change.’ And I love Barack Obama, and I love what he’s done so far, but I haven’t seen a change.”

Saigon listed what shortcomings he felt were typified in the Obama administration. “I don’t see no transparency in the government like he promised. I don’t see no less military action… The troops went from Iraq to Afghanistan. And the whole thing with drones, that shows you that he doesn’t yield that much power, because everything he said would be different is still the same. We still at war, we still banging out, the people have still fucked up healthcare. I know you can’t change something overnight, but don’t continue the war… I still hear him use the term ‘The War on Terror,’ when that was all propaganda! There was never really a War on Terror.” (HHDX)

Does Saigon make some valid points? He’s always been one to speak his mind. Is there anything wrong with what Sai said about President Obama? Did he go too far? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Speechless

Although this is a gossip-driven column on, sometimes you have to make room for a touching story that makes you sit back and reexamine your life. CNN has a story everyone should read:

An 8-year-old boy was killed in a mobile-home fire in upstate New York early Monday while attempting to rescue a disabled relative inside, according to authorities.

Tyler J. Doohan, of East Rochester, was staying at the home of relatives in the nearby town of Penfield on Sunday night when he noticed a fire in the single-wide trailer, said Penfield Fire Chief Chris Ebmeyer.

As firefighters and sheriff’s deputies responded to an emergency call around 4:45 a.m., Tyler was able to wake six other people in the small trailer, including two more children, ages 4 and 6, Ebmeyer said.

Then Tyler went back into the blaze to help his grandfather, who was disabled and would have been unable to get out of the home on his own, Ebmeyer said.

“By that time, the fire had traveled to the back of the trailer,” Ebmeyer said. “Unfortunately they both succumbed to heat and smoke.”

Their bodies were found together in a back bedroom.

Tyler’s uncle was also killed in the fire, his body found in a front room, Ebmeyer said. (CNN)

Speechless? Amazed? Shocked? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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  • Raheem Classick

    Saigon, Saigon, Saigon, If If made us rich, We’ll still be pulling each other back/down in the ditch..

  • Jared

    With all due respect he doesn’t see the changes because he’s not intelligent enough to comprehend them.

    • KingRell25

      And what changes are that?

      • Jared

        One would be the affordable care act. If you haven’t seen a change or looking for a change tomorrow it shows you don’t understand the program. Overall the changes will be shown in years to come. The bill just went into affect this year. That’s just one because no president before him has done it and all democratic presidents tried.

  • Meaty Yum Steve

    We’re taking political cues from a rapper who can’t take care of his own child on a reality show.