Beyoncé Loses Her Hair, Lady Gaga Goes Fully Nude, Rick Ross Costs Pastor His Job?

Toasted Thursday. Everything is getting toasted today, so why not start it all off with Beyoncé showing off a new look? Speaking of looks, is Lady Gaga showing signs of Amanda Bynes with some new, unexpected and sorta weird full frontal nude footage? With things of the unexpected still on your mind, can you imagine a pastor not only going to a Rick Ross concert but then losing his job over it? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Let Me Upgrade You

Is Beyoncé in need of a serious makeover? Probably not but she’s always shown there’s nothing wrong in doing a little touch-up on your look. She might not be able to fully whip her hair back and forth, but Bey’s still the queen. Rap-Up has a shot of her new look:

Beyoncé won’t have to worry about getting her hair stuck in a fan. The superstar singer, who wrapped the U.S. leg of her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” in Brooklyn earlier this week, has traded in her long locks for a short pixie cut. She debuted the bleached blonde hairstyle in a series of photos on Instagram, prompting a mixed response.

“Really beautiful!! A change was needed and this hairstyle really suits you!!” wrote one fan, while others weren’t as fond of the new look. “Is this some sick joke?!” asked another.

Christina Milian raved about Bey’s crop cut. “I love you even more! Omg her new look is ahhhhmazing! Free yourself baddieBey! Yess! So hot!” she told her. (Rap-Up)

You would think performing and traveling all over the world, short hair could be the best thing for her. Are you co-signing Bey’s new look? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Breaking Nude

Is Lady Gaga really hip-hop or even R&B? The point can be argued but there’s no taking away from Gaga in the nude. It’s not exactly clear if this is her really being inspired or just doing a publicity stunt, but nonetheless, diehard fans have something to stare at now. TMZ has the footage:

Lady Gaga finally got naked … FULLY NAKED … but it’s weird — REALLY weird.

The video just surfaced, featuring a naked, hairless, crystal-spooning Gaga doing a meditation exercise inspired by Marina Abramovic, a famous performance artist.

The video shows Gaga doing “The Abramovic Method,” which supposedly heightens physical and mental awareness.

It definitely heightened our awareness. (TMZ)

Due to the fact Gaga is actually fully nude, with no censors or blocks across her body, it can’t be posted here. But if you’re really a fan of Gaga and want to see her in that light, check out TMZ’s video. Any chance this is all legit? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. God Forgives, The Church Don’t

Is Rick Ross Satan or even just a really bad guy? Aside from his controversial molly reference, is Rick Ross someone kids should never be introduced to? You would think not but that wasn’t the case in North Carolina. Hip Hop NC is all over this:

Pastor Rodney Wills was fired from Mt. Salem Baptist Church in Winston Salem,North Carolina because he attended a Rick Ross concert. reports that Pastor Rodney Wills was just about to reach 4 years at Mt. Salem Baptist Church.
He is the youngest pastor to be installed at 26 years old and is now the shortest term pastor in Mt. Salem’s 109 year history. On Saturday, Mt. Salem voted him out for attending a local Rick Ross concert. With a vote of 11 to 3, the 14 deacons met at 11pm Saturday night to discuss and come to a conclusion that they did not need his services anymore. Rev. Wills arrived to the church the next day for Sunday morning worship service and notice his parking sign taken down and his name removed from the office door. The deacons even asked another minister from the community to officiate the service that morning. (Hip Hop NC)

Church politics as usual? Could the pastor have really tried to go to the concert to maybe preach the good word or even try to convert a few concertgoers? Or was he there really trying to have a good time and maybe bring something back home? Either way, was termination the best choice? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

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