B.o.B.’s ‘Underground Luxury’ LP

The winter holidays are officially here and SOHH/GetFrush are saving you time by dishing out the top presents you gotta get your hands on. From must-have gadgets, audio swag, new music, fresh gear and more, we have you covered! Today, peep B.o.B‘s top five reasons you need to hook everyone you know up with his new Underground Luxury album. -Nikita Rathod

1. Produced By The Man Himself


“Underground Luxury” was executive produced by B.o.B, for B.o.B fans to Bobby Ray fans. This album will introduce listeners to a evolved, more mature sound while still giving them what they expect from me.
2. New Artists

Style: "normal start"
I am known for introducing new artists to the world, and on this album I take pride in introducing people to the likes of Priscilla Renae (who has written songs for Rihanna and Katy Perry) and Mike Fresh, a new up and coming artist from ATL.
3. “One Day”

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This is the first time I’ve opened up about my childhood on an album. I never really let people behind the curtain of how it was for me and the thoughts I had coming up in Decatur, GA. On “One Day” my fans will get to know the young Bobby Ray.
4. Unrestrained Musicality

B.o.B 5
This is a new approach for me musically. I thought less like a rapper, producer, singer… and more like a DJ. Sometimes our job titles get in the way of making something dope so I allowed myself to do what I wanted while recording it… whether it comes off poppy or ratchet or emotional. I didn’t let myself get in the way of the music.
5. Who I Am

This album really shows who I am as a person and not just a musician. I’m not a gangster but I come from the streets of Decatur, GA and this is what it sounds like when a kid from the hood who dared to be different experienced the success of fame and stardom. I am not afraid to grow. Who am I? Who I am becoming…


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