AZ – L.O.D.B (Last Of A Dying Breed)

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One of the most acclaimed lyricists from the 90′s, AZ has blessed us with a new mixtape “L.O.D.B (Last Of A Dying Breed)” hosted by DJ Mr. FX and AZ himself. While he cooks up his sequel to his celebrated debut album “Doe Or Die”, this drop features a few new joints along with songs that made AZ one of the most respected artists in the game.

Exclusively released by AZ’s company Quiet Money, here are the SOHH 5 Reasons to download “L.O.D.B (Last Of A Dying Breed)”

1. Top Tier Lyricism

The Brooklyn born, Grammy nominated AZ has worked with some of the best artists in the Hip Hop biz including Nas, Dr. Dre, RZA and DJ Premier to name a few. He is an originator of the Mafioso style of rap and is one of the greats with bars and rhymes structures. He makes it seem so easy with an effortless smooth style that has always been well put together. On one of the first cuts released from “Doe Or Die 2″ produced by Statik Selektah “We Movin”, AZ crafts his lines like a chef.

“They keep askin’ how is his shine lastin’?/
I’m too ahead of my time to be a has-been/
Rhymes craftsman come from crime interaction/
So n*ggas passing is just a line of distraction”

2. Doe Or Die 2

On his 9th studio album release “Doe Or Die 2″ AZ is going all out for what may be his final album. When he spoke to in January of this year he stated, “I might put a mixtape out and then put an album out because this is the last hurrah for me. I’ve got a couple of cats that are ready to come out behind me and I’ve got a good starting team and so I’m just going to play the game.” Thus far he has Statik Selektah, L.E.S., Baby Paul(Da Beatminerz), DR Period, Pete Rock and Buckwild on deck for production. He wanted to have Dr. Dre and Kanye West on board as well, but their busy schedules created a conflict. Hopefully fans will get that Nas feature they all expect. One thing is for sure, his next album is one any true Hip Hop fan should check for.

AZ - We Movin Lyrics

3. Classic Cuts

Although AZ hasn’t dropped many mixtapes throughout his career, this one is official. For those who may have forgot, or even new fans who need a history lesson, “Last Of A Dying Breed” is the perfect drop. Timeless records such as “Life’s A B*tch”, “Sugarhill” and “Rather Unique”, highlight the emcee’s earlier years. Joints like “Firm Biz” and “How You Livin’” showcase some of his later career. More recent cuts, like the scorching “Exhibit A” freestyle also show up in a well put together mix. Most loyal supporters of AZ have heard these songs but they shouldn’t mind taking a trip down memory lane.

4. Survivor Story

AZ is one of the few rap veterans left from the 90′s with authentic validity. He came into the game around the time when competition was thick. His contemporaries are legendary from the likes of Jay-Z, Nas and Notorious B.I.G.. AZ is admired in Hip Hop culture worldwide, and has never attempted to fit in or dumb down his style in the face of a ever changing industry. He is legitimately one of the greats that is criminally underrated but is still here making his mark without complaint. AZ honors the old, doesn’t insult the new and remains a top tier artist creating quality material.


5. The Features

“L.O.D.B (Last Of A Dying Breed)” has appearances from one of Shaolin’s finest, Raekwon on the cut “86 (Remix)” also featuring singer/songwriter Altrina Renee. AZ also mixes it up with Twista and Dwele on “Body Rock”. Singer Ray J shows up “Go Getta” and former Dip Set affiliate Jha Jha does her do on the party jam “Doin’ That”. Long time vet CL Smooth goes in on “Magic Hour.” Nas is featured on three vintage collaborations long time fans will recognize. Production credits include Pete Rock, Statik Selektah, Jimi Kendrix, Alchemist and Primo.

  • Jay ralph

    Where is DOD 2????

  • Eric Smith

    Sugar Hill is one of the best songs ever to hit the streets.. Salute

  • Topdawg

    How many of you young ass niggas know that A.Z. was the only person featured on Nas’s first album Illmatic..Smdh.

    • Mec-One

      Which started the whole “killed you on your own shit” movement! lol

  • GBP512

    “American me elegancy treasury with the hopes to be rich before they bury me…”

  • nookie nook

    My favorite rapper of all time …he is top 5 dead or alive in my book will be checking for his upcoming projects