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With limited promotion and radio play, Alley Boy and his Duct Tape Entertainment empire are still a strong force to be reckoned with. Locking in record deals, dealing with rap beef and keeping the streets turnt up is something that comes with the territory. Controversies aside, Alley Boy has emerged as one of the next big artists to come out the streets of East Atlanta. In one of his most focused releases to date, here are the SOHH 5 reasons you should download “War Cry.”

Stirring up the Streets

When the T.I. record “Addresses” dropped last year the streets were talking. Word was that the song was directed towards Alley Boy and the DTE crew. Ever since Alley Boy came into the game he and his team have definitely shook the block with an unapologetic approach. Confrontations with fellow ATL rappers on and off wax have kept their names hot in the hood and online. His previous mixtapes like “Definition of F*ck Sh*t, “The Gift Of Discernment”, “Purgatory” and “Nigganati” created a firestorm in the South. Alley Boy wanted to expose the fans to what he called “The Real A” (Atlanta)


(Video) T.I. & Alley Boy Beef

Mixtapes Like Albums

On the “War Cry” mixtape trailer Alley Boy talks about why he considers his mixtape releases to be albums. “I call all my mixtapes albums. Even though they mixtapes, I put the time into it like albums. It be months of work. Fifty, sixty tracks, we pick out the best from like fifteen to twenty. Put the whole project together.” This drop is well put together and is some of Alley Boy’s best work yet.

(Video) War Cry Trailer


Relate to the Rhyme

Songs like “No Love” discuss what lies beneath the fake hugs and smiles the hood will sometime give. Vivid bars like these give the listeners a glimpse into what those situations are all about.

“I’m reading the 23 Psalms I’m heavily armed
Diamonds shining off my arm they wanna do me harm/
tat crosses in my face I am praying everyday”

“Too many trust issues the scars deep rooted/
at 14 catchin’ bodies the whole hood polluted” – Alley Boy “No Love”


Certified and Signed

Alley Boy is one of two artists in his camp to have a major record deal. Duct Tape Ent. CEO Big Bank Black is signed to Def Jam while Alley Boy is signed to Atlantic Records. Respected by the streets while having a major deal is great situation especially when not having to compromise or water down the music. Alley Boy also connected with Washington DC hard hitter emcee Fat Trel and the New Orleans legendary mogul/actor/artist Master P for a real live rap connection known as the Louis V Mob. They spent a lot of time working in the studio late 2012 and in February 2013 released a true street banger – the “New World Order” mixtape.



There are many dope features on “War Cry”. Alley Boy enlists artists such as current hitmaker go to man Future, “For My N*ggas”, DTE partner Trouble, “Mama’s House, Memphis star Yo Gotti “No Love”, DTE C.E.O. Big Bank Black, “All I Do”, MMG’s Meek Mill “Stackin’ Up”, Master P and Trel “Bad”, also a current XXL Freshman in 2013 Kirko Bangs “I’m That” to name a few. There are many appearances on this project artist wise. Stellar producers such as Havoc of Mobb Deep, Young Chop and Key Wane add some smokin’ production.


  • Real Talk

    Alley boy? count me out

  • BillyBobJohn

    tape was alright but not his best. DTE are to real and tough for todays industry. they gonna have to soften up a bit if they wanna get on.

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Alley girls or what ever he is y don’t you test Gucci or Waka
    Real G who will have time for your lame ass
    Ti ain’t got time plus he’s rich
    Just saying

    • TrillTalk

      Dat nigga says wakas da realest in da game and im pretty sure hes ku wit gucci seein as big bank n gooch gta few songs 2getha..uza bitch nigga
      Just sayin

  • yours truly sam trila

    good shit

  • Jiohdee El-Amin

    they some real street niggas

  • Willis Deqfedt

    Fire , quality work,

  • LadyYelawolf