Action Bronson – SAAAB Stories


Queens, NY native Action Bronson is back on the grustle with a fresh new retail release named “SAAAB Stories”, which is entirely produced by Harry Fraud. Both are making extraordinary leaps and bounds over the past few years becoming a big part of this generation’s New York Hip Hop renaissance. After a steady drop of acclaimed Bronson free projects, this iTunes exclusive is a EP release containing seven tracks.

Here are’s 5 Reasons to download “SAAAB Stories”.

1. Time to Feast

Fresh off his cover on the XXL Magazine as one of the 2013 Freshmen, Action Bronson is experiencing a wave of prosperity right now. Action was a recent guest at DJ Whoo Kid’s Shade 45 show Whoolywood Shuffle. When speaking about the SAAAB Stories EP he said, “It’s a taster, a little seven joints, me and Fraud. Me and Harry Fraud been working for a long time, and to put out this little of music is a little upsetting but it is what it is.” Bronson also stressed the need to keep new material coming. “I’m a weirdo, I need to put something out. I’m sick of f*ckin’ performing the same songs over and over.” Fans that were fiending for some new Action are in store for a nice appetizer.

2. Support The Grind

Action Bronson has given away impressive work on the mixtape circuit that is of great quality. His drops are well mixed with pristine production and premium visuals. Although he has been recently inked to Atlantic Records and is the the newest member of Top Dawg Entertainment home to Kendrick Lamar, Action put a lot of indie work in. Bronson has dropped a string of successful joints and consistently makes his presence felt via guest features and shows. Previous drops such as the Alchemist produced “Rare Chandeliers” and “Blue Chips” produced by Party Supplies were available for free on popular mixtape sites and True fans shouldn’t have a problem chipping in less than ten dollars for a new tape like this. “Saaab Stories” is available via iTunes for only $5.99.

bronson glasses560

3. The Fraud Factor

Action Bronson linking up with super producer Harry Fraud is a big deal. Fraud has been responsible for some big hits in the past few years and his production talent has been in high demand. A native New Yorker, Harry has been hard at working building an impressive discography with artists like French Montana, Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa. Harry is the man behind the boards for this entire EP with wonderful results. When Fraud talked to in February 2012 about his particular style he stated, “My sound I would say is very eclectic. I try to never let anything define me as a producer. I really really push hard to not have one sound, or one way that I program a sample, or one way I program drums. You may hear a continuity in the types of sounds I choose or the way I put the records together, but I definitely don’t want to have a ‘sound’.”

4. Bars For Days

Even on a single that is radio ready, Bronson still goes bonkers with the bars. On the lead hit-off joint for “SAAAB Stories” titled “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”, Bronson spits that fire.

“Long knife by the spinal, built like a rhino/
Push the 635 to the finals/
Pearl white like what you sniffin’ in your sinus/
The finest vaginas demolished by my dick/
One year from Queens to the top/
Cream of the crop, serve a fiend out my sock/
Five minutes till they lean like the drop/
Now they spinning through the furnace like the scene from The Rock”

As blazing as that cut is, the Queens remix featuring LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks is equally fuego!

5. Features

Even though this is a short project the features are well placed. Wiz Khalifa drops a stellar verse and creates an ill collab with Bronson on the high energy “The Rockers”. Bam Bam name drops Marty Jannetty who along with Shawn Micheals formed the former WWF Wrestling tag-team The Rockers. Sick joint for real! Bronson also links up with some pioneering 90′s rap legends Raekwon and Prodigy of Mobb Deep on the laid back gutter “Seven Series Trip”. The three emcees collectively smash the Harry Fraud beat into smithereens.


  • Eric Smith

    Dude sounds like Fat Joe and look like Rick Ross and has many features like French Montana… WTF??

    • n n

      Fat joe? He stole ghost face whole

      • Eric Smith

        Very True!!

    • 5789007

      I had all of fat joe’s shit up to when he was sounding southern and I said the same shit. Good ear My G

  • Lolrax

    I want to like Action better, but he just annoys me for some reason.

  • SmittyMckall

    Fuck this cornball this honkie pure ass

  • Space Mack

    This guy is wack.

    • Trofted6806

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  • 4-12

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    • Eric Smith

      White rappers bringing rap Back? You sound dumb as shit!! Black rappers are the reason why white boys wanna rap in the first place Moron. And its the white rappers that make hip hop turn pop and sell millions that make the black rappers go pop to make that kind of money. There’s always one on every site that thanks he’s kicking Knowledge but the shit is straight Garbage!!! Elmo ass nigga

      • 4-12

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        • Eric Smith

          Nice comeback. But that still don’t explain how white rappers are bringing hip hop back. All that was is a bunch of rants from a nigga wit a pic wit Tickle me Elmo. And you thought you were cool with that Gay ass pic. lmao.. Classic nerd shit..

        • Eric Smith

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        • Eric Smith

          $1000 bet this nigga still a Virgin

        • ★Treis Gaara★

          He doesn’t have skill though.

        • emmaisreallyafaggotwhiteboylol


          • ★Treis Gaara★

            All caps. Yep, you are a loser.

      • Bubblegum Bobby

        it aint about his skin color, dude can spit. check out Bronson, tracks like Pouches of Tuna, Nordic Wind, and Hookers at the Point are my favorite. He may not be your taste most likely but dude can spit.

        • Eric Smith

          Right it’s not about skin color and its kinda about skin color. For any other race to rhyme they have to be really great. If he’s average we have more than enough average black rappers. So a white boy really has to be part of the elite. Just like Tiger woods. Golf wasn’t a black man’s sport so for him to be successful he had to be Great. Like 50 said about Em. He’s not his favorite rapper. But he’s his favorite White Rapper. Bronson has to be better than Em because that’s where the Bar is set for white rappers. Like Chief keef. He’s not a great rapper at all. But he’s 17 with no competiton. So he has his own lane. Bronson has to create his own lane. And Queens lane was set by Kool G Rap, Nas, Mobb Deep, Mc Shan, and Run Dmc. Hard acts to follow.

    • n n

      He not bringing hip hop back the sad things is you believe

    • ★Treis Gaara★

      Nah, he’s lame. This website hates every rapper. You expect us to be nice cause he’s white? You sound homosexual.

      • emmaisreallyafaggotwhiteboylol


        • ★Treis Gaara★

          Hi,Emma. I knew it was you typing in all caps. :D

    • emmaisreallyafaggotwhiteboylol


  • Real McCoy

    Is he really signed to TDE? That linking seems lame to me.

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Just saying

  • GregSki86

    Niggas is whiling trying to say that Action don’t have bars, he holdin his own on every track

  • Bubblegum Bobby

    Action’s got bars. His personality is kinda obnoxious which is cool to me cause i dig the cooking webisodes so I seen a little more than a glimpse. that being said, his music’s def worth a look. Wordplay is crazy and dude makes me hungry everytime I hear his vids or see his raps.