Ace Hood – Trials And Tribulations

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With a tireless work ethnic and a motivational theme throughout his new album, Ace Hood has put together his most complete project yet. As a long time rep for We The Best Music Group and one of the newer recruits to the YMCMB fam, Ace has shown much growth and improvement as an artist on his fourth album.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download “Trials and Tribulations”.

1. Big Single

“Bugatti” featuring Future and Rick Ross is the biggest single so far in Ace Hood’s career. The banging Mike WiLL Made It production has received major spins on radio and is a certified club anthem without a doubt. Ace has worked out a winning formula when it comes to crafting hit records. Word on the street is there are a few rappers emulating the Ace Hood flow as well. Once “Hustle Hard” dropped in 2011, it gave Hood a new look and proved he had the writing and performance ability necessary to continue his flight to success.

2. Long Time Coming

Ace Hood has put the work in for a long time. Every album increases his star power and he is one of the hardest working artist in the game. Persistence and unlimited support from longtime collaborator DJ Khaled are factors that have kept his career flowing thus far. His signing to YMCMB along with new distribution from Universal Republic has given Hood new wings. He openly admitted he has had his share of rough moments, which adds to his overall appeal as an emcee. It seems Ace will finally get the recognition he deserves. He has comprised a diverse mix of powerful joints on “Trials and Tribulations”.


3. Spiritual Touch

Ace Hood acknowledges the blessings in his life candidly which is his approach on the album. Songs like “Pray For Me”, “Hope”, “My Bible” and “Mama” are cuts that finds Hood on the praying and believing end of things. This is a deep look on his life and points of view. It’s a different take to what is going on in the mainstream right now. Most rappers don’t mention God, don’t believe in God or are trying to take the role of God in their music. Everyone has the right to speak about their beliefs or lack of it but to hear a rapper on the opposite end of what is deemed popular is refreshing.

Ace Hood - A Hustlers Prayer

4. Everyman Struggle

Although Ace Hood finds himself “Waking up in a new Bugatti”, the majority of the album highlights his personal struggles and people throughout the world in worse conditions. It’s his sincere and honest approach that will certainly resonate with folks going through difficulties in their own lives. Although themes on this album show the details of life’s hardships, there is an inspirational vibe here. Check out some of the moving bars of the title track “Trials and Tribulations”.

“Went through trials and tribulations every day to make some ends/
I’m a walkin’ testimony still I stand yet again/
You don’t know shit that I been through all this pain ain’t that the truth/
So much tears that I done cried feeling like I ain’t got shit to lose/
Why my granny passed away why my daughter didn’t stay/
Wish they both was here today oh Lord in Jesus name/
I done been through hell and back Momma dodgin’ heart attacks/
Ain’t no A/C in the house just a broken thermostat” – Ace Hood

5. Features

Meek Mill pops up on the dope “Before The Rollie”. Lil’ Wayne is featured on the second single, “We Outchea”. Miami based singer/songwriter pioneer Betty Wright makes an appearance on the moving “My Mama”. Other artists on the LP include vocalists Anthony Hamiltion and Chris Brown. As mentioned earlier Rick Ross and Future appear on the lead single “Bugatti”. The remix includes Wiz Khalifa, T.I., Meek Mill, French Montana, 2 Chainz, DJ Khaled and Birdman. Contributions from producers such as The Renegades, Lee On The Beats and Cardiak are highlights on the album.


  • YeaMyNig

    Shyt kinda hot

  • seveneightyseven

    This is on a list of albums I wont even take the time to download for free along with: Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator and French Montana

    • GregSki_1986

      I’ll take Mac’s album over that Yeezus bullshit

      • seveneightyseven

        you trippin brah, at least yeezus kept your interest with different production choices.

        • 5xob

          Don’t mean it’s good, just cause an artist goes white boy don’t make it tight yell

          • seveneightyseven

            I ain’t say it was good though -__-

          • 5xob

            That’s what’s up yell

    • Zak Tobes

      Man you are missing out on Tyler, The Creator. Give it one try and it will be worth it.

      • seveneightyseven

        I saw IFHY and I was done homie

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    He’s good not great but they should give him some more respect
    Just saying

  • kingjappyjoe

    hot garbage

  • J. Jordan

    Maaaaaaaaannnnnnn…..I know this dude can’t be wearing that fake Rolex on the cover smh….c’mon son!