Tired of looking like a backpacker? Is your book bag a little too kiddy to pull off in public? Check out AC Gears’ Unit Portables Unit 01 Shoulder Bag to get with the times and beyond. Today, AC Gears president Kohn Liu gives his top five reasons this multi-functional bag is a must-have!

1. Ease & Organization

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This is a Swedish bag. It’s a unisex bag and so guys and girls can all wear it and it really doesn’t matter what your outfit looks like or what your gender is. The main thing about the bag itself is it’s a new concept for how you can organize your stuff. A lot of times, people have their iPad, laptop, cell phone, cords, pens and everything disorganized in the bag. The reason they’re called Unit Portables is because there’s different units. You can customize and change colors. You can tell yourself, “Okay, this part is for my cords and this pouch is for my mouse.” It’s actually a better way to organize yourself. The first reason is the ease and organization. You’ll finally organize your iPad, laptop, phone and cords in one bag. They won’t scratch up with other things.

2. Win-Win

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This brand really embodies both ease and fuctions. It has the functionality where it’s very easy to organize your stuff and it has a great design. It has a a great design. It’s very simple, straight-forward. There’s not a lot of decorations on the bag and it’s all color-based. You have black and all these bold and simple colors. The second reason is because it has a very utilitarian look. The idea is it’s a simple way to showcase your look whether you’re a guy or a girl.

3. Get Your Grown Man & Woman On

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Most of the people who buys these types of bags are usually not in college. They’re usually professionals. We have architects and people mainly in design that are interested in these looks. The professionalism is key. Unit 01 actually fits laptops. Let’s say you’re going to a meeting, you can easily put away your laptop. It really caters to the professionals.

4. Best Buy

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The price point and the material that’s used, those are really great values. Great value is key right here. There are much more expensive bags out there and you really can’t get a back for less than $60 and $70. These portables have pouches and really provide a lot of protection. I think it’s great value.

5. Hey There

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For the last reason, I would say if you’re a customer, you’re going to see this bag gets you a lot of attention. People don’t normally see this type of bag being available, especially of this kind. As a consumer, I look at the bag and see how valuable it is. This isn’t a bag that came from nowhere, this is a very renowned company.