A-Mafia – Street Anthems: The Best Of A-Mafia


Harlem, NY artist A-Mafia has definitely been on his grustle as of late. He is working the independent lane to the fullest while amassing a catalog of material that has been setting the streets on fire. With his latest drop, listeners will get a dosage of some highlight songs from different A-Mafia releases over the past few years, with a couple new exclusives. Consider this a re-introduction for those that know and a introduction for those that are totally clueless.

Here are the SOHH 5 Reasons to download, “Street Anthems: The Best Of A-Mafia”.

1. Deep In The Game

Deep In The Game Entertainment is the name of A-Mafia’s independent company. Mafia started the company once he came home from a bid. His entrepreneurial spirit and consistent grind has gained him a nice following. Mafia fed the streets with over forty videos and at least eight mixtape releases over the past few years. He initially started his career aligned with Dipset and blazed the mixtape circuit with features from Cam’Ron and Jim Jones. He was a regular feature on the Purple City Byrdgang mixtapes and dropped his first solo tape “Mafia’s Town” in 2006. Since then the growth and development as an artist has been substantial with A-Mafia becoming his own boss.


2. The Other Side Of Harlem

When Mafia talked to Flash via youtube late last year, he offered his opinion on how he felt he made the best music in Harlem. “I make the best music in my city man. There’s a lot of n*ggas doing they thing in Harlem no question, but I don’t think it’s a n*gga in my city that make better music than me. Not underground, mainstream rapper – it don’t even matter.” He went on to state, “I’m not stylin’ on anybody but I be hearing them records – it ain’t Harlem man. I’m from Harlem – Harlem n*ggas don’t say certain sh*t. We got our own slang, our own dress code – we got our own everything we do. So, nobody make better music than me in my city – that’s a fact.”

3. NY Block Music

That gritty street soundtrack. The hardbody music. Those gutter bars. It’s all here. A-Mafia is one of the illest in NY doing it for the blocks and hoods around the country. Check the lines on the rugged “Wayne Perry”.

“The Don holding big diamonds got my arm swollen/
N*ggas in my hood say I remind them of Lamont Coleman/
I will stomp holes in any ni*gga who flex my crew next/
For each verse I get two checks while you vexed/
I’m A-Mafia – fraud n*ggas get they tooth broke/
Remember when I use to rob n*ggas for they goose coats”


4. Best Of The Best

“Street Anthems: The Best Of A-Mafia” is a superb collection of Mafia’s hardest joints. He is flying under the radar as one of most underrated rappers out. This catalog will catch listeners up to speed on anything they have missed out on. It features standout songs from previous Mafia releases such as ‘Straight Savage” hosted by DJ Big Mike and “What The Streets Made Me” hosted by Evil Empire.

5. Features

Styles P, Uncle Murda and A-Mafia on the same track? Now that’s what’s up.

The three join together on the banger “Cuban Connection.” Older heads may recognize the beat which was originally used by Royal Flush back in the late 90’s for his hit single, “Iced Out Medallions” featuring N.O.R.E produced by EZ Elpee. Other features include Brooklyn’s own Papoose on “Get Money Stay True.” 2 Chainz gets the ATL connect going on with “Real Live Pro”, while Killa Cam makes an appearance on “Till My Enemies Crumble”.

  • Lilbloodz Lilbloodz

    Lame that’s all
    Just saying

  • XLR8

    I’ve heard some decent stuff from A-Mafia, the first “40th Boyz” was hard. Part 2 was aaiight.

  • X-2003-X

    he looks like a damn fool with all those tatoos