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Jackie Robinson made history alongside Branch Rickey, in 1947, when the two came together and literally changed the face of baseball. Now, 66 years later, America’s favorite past time has transcended into one of the world’s most talked about sports. Today, Warner Bros. releases the true story of Jackie Robinson and the fight to desegregate baseball with 42. So if you’re looking for a reason to get out the house and educate yourself a bit, check out Warner Bros. top five reasons to go out and see 42 the movie. You won’t have any regrets.

1. True Story

From Academy Award® winner Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential) comes the real-life drama 42, starring Chadwick Boseman (The Express) as Jackie Robinson and Oscar® nominee Harrison Ford (Witness) as Branch Rickey. In 1947, Branch Rickey put himself at the forefront of history when he signed Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking Major League Baseball’s infamous color line. But the deal also put both Robinson and Rickey in the firing line of the public, the press and other players.
Reason 2: Chadwick Boseman

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