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Dawn Richard’s Debut Album Goldenheart


With her long-awaited post-Bad Boy Records debut album, Goldenheart,  finally available, ex-Dirty Money singer Dawn Richard gives SOHH readers her top five reasons to never continue experiencing life without her album involved.
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Lana Fuch’s Billionaire Mafia

Billionaire Mafia - 1

Lana Fuchs is a Russian princess, star of TLC’s Sin City Rules, and first lady of Billionaire Mafia, the hottest upscale urban brand to hit the streets. From Stevie J’s trending I Am God T-shirt that premiered on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta to ready-made flasks and jewelry, Lana Fuchs taken over the urban retail industry. So if you’re trying to arrive in style like Busta Rhymes, or get two girls at the same damn time like Stevie, check out the Las Vegas princess top five reasons to get her billion-dollar brand.
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Paranormal Activity 4 DVD

Paranormal Activity 4 - 1
Audiences around the world have flocked to theaters for the Paranormal thrillers for the past five years, and now fans have another chance to see the most real life horror film home. Paranormal Activity 4, starring Matt Shively and Kathryn Newton, hits store shelves from coast to coast today, giving people the chanced to be scared s—less in their own homes. So if the studio-made horror flicks haven’t been up to par for you lately, be sure to get your copy of Paranormal Activity 4 on Blu-Ray and DVD today! And if you need a little push, check out Matt Shively’s top five reasons to pee in your pants this weekend!
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Lord Jamar Stands Behind Jabbing Kanye West: “Rocking Dresses W/ Mean Faces, That’s Not Hip-Hop”

After raising eyebrows by unleashing a direct shot at men’s current fashion and targeting Kanye West as a trendsetter over Instagram, Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar has hit up SOHH to explain his comment.

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MapiCases - 1
Today, 5 Reasons returns for a new year, and SOHH is bringing it to you in style! In a world where the safety our technological toys are becoming more important than helping an old lady walk across the street, MapiCases is here to offer you the latest in the new generation of iPhone protection. The iPhone case brand provides a variety of genuine leather styles that keep your new best friend safe, and help you stay on the go. Ready to get the next best thing in iPhone protection? Check out MapiCases’ top five reasons to purchase their leather phone accessories.
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